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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Pink Stones

Gareth sat on the chair, staring at the jar of pink gems. "I will not be happy until the entire jar is full. I must go and find some more." He finished nibbling on some chocolates and then grabbed his staff. A pink glass ball sat on the top, held by prongs of wood. "Off I go." He grabbed his carrying case on the way out. "Ah, a lovely day; perfect for gathering pink glabberdungs. I'm so lucky to live near the forest."

After he reached the edge of the pines and oaks, he took a deep breath. "Lilith will be so pleased when she comes home and finds the jar full. I'm sure she'll want to take them to the village wizard and sell them. Fairies always have to sell things. I'd be happy letting the jar sit there so I could look at it any time I wanted, but not Lilith. She'll need some fairy dust or a new wand. Ah well. It is my own fault for marrying a fairy."

As Gareth stepped into the forest he immediately saw some pink glabberdungs. "Well, well, well. This might not turn out to be such a bad day after all."

What Gareth didn't know was that Brog was already in the forest gathering the glabberdungs. After Gareth had filled his carrying case, he headed deeper into the forest in hopes of filling his pockets. "Once Lilith takes the jar, I can start a new jar just for me." It didn't take long before he noticed that there were fewer and fewer glabberdungs lying on the ground. He spotted a footprint. "What's this? Someone is trespassing in the forest and by the looks of it has been collecting pink glabberdungs. I'll have none of that!" Gareth hid the carrying case and went in search of the stranger.

Behind an old oak tree Gareth spotted Brog. He was bent over picking up glabberdungs and putting  them into a dirty gray bag. Gareth also noticed that Brog held a shiny gold axe over his shoulder. "Drat! He's armed with an axe and all I have is this staff." Gareth groaned and moaned. "How will I ever get those glabberdungs away from him? I know, I'll offer him a trade." Gareth ran after Brog. "Excuse me! Excuse me! I'd like to have a word with you."

Brog stopped and turned around. "What do you want?"

"Excuse me. My name is Gareth and well, you see, this is my forest. Since it is my forest, anything in this forest belongs to me. I'm afraid all those glabberdungs you've got in your bag are mine."

Brog put the bag on the ground and laid his axe on top of it. "Yours, you say? Since when do you own the forest?"

"I've always owned it. Now, sir, I would be happy to offer you a trade. Why don't you come with me to my cottage and you have pick anything you like. It's yours. All I ask is that you let me keep everything in  your bag." Gareth felt quite proud he'd come up with such a great idea.

"I'll come with you and see what you have to offer." Brog followed Gareth back to his cottage. He looked through the house, but didn't see much. He spotted the jar of glabberdungs.

"Oh, you can't have that, but you can help yourself to anything else," Gareth said.

Just then Lilith walked in the front door. She stood still. Her gaze wandered to Gareth and then to Brog.

Brog grunted. "I know what I want. I want her."

"You want Lilith? She's my wife," Gareth said.

Later on that night, Gareth sat in his chair looking at his jar of glabberdungs. The jar was full to the brim and a second jar sat next to the first one. He giggled as the pink gems sparkled.

Brog carried his axe over his shoulder and Lilith over the other one. After all, Gareth said he could take anything in the house except the glabberdungs and that's exactly what Brog did.

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