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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
A Pirate's Life For Me

Roger tossed and turned. He threw his pillow off the bed and wrapped the blankets around his arms. He dreamed of pirates. A pirate ship lay off the coast of Grossbeard's
Island. Roger lay hidden in the bushes, watching as the pirates rowed ashore and buried a treasure chest. They dug a deep hole and lugged the heavy chest across the sand. Gold doubloons, rubies, emeralds and diamond necklaces fell onto the sand as the chest bumped against the pirate's legs. They dropped the chest into the deep hole and threw shovels of sand on top.

Suddenly Roger sneezed, giving away his hiding place. The pirates heard him and ran after him. He dashed through the jungle, dodging vines and snakes dangling by their tails. When he saw a palm tree, he rushed towards it and climbed to the top.

He heard the pirates coming and shook with fear when they stopped at the palm. "There he is. There's the land lubber. Ahoy!"

The grabbed hold of the trunk and pushed it back and forth, trying to knock Roger down.

At first only the coconuts fell, smashing on top of the pirate's heads. Roger hoped they would knock the pirate's out, but all it did was make them angrier. They shook the tree until Roger could hold on no longer. He fell to the ground, landing with a thud near the pirate's feet.

"Ahoy, ye land lubber. Ye'r goin' to walk the plank."

They dragged him by the neck to the boat and rowed to the pirate ship. Roger saw the skull and crossbones waving in the breeze. With swords pointed at his back, they made him stand on the plank. He looked down at the sea. "I can't swim." He burst out crying.

One of the pirates poked him with the tip of his sword and Roger fell towards the deep blue water.

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