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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Playing with a Friend

Malcolm, the Scotty dog, ran outside through the special door that was made just for him. It was a lovely day. The sun was shining down and made his black hair feel so warm. Angus MacScot was busy working in the garden, pulling weeds out of the turnip patch.

As Malcolm trotted off, he passed by the buttercups. A pink butterfly was fluttering about them. Malcolm barked at it but the butterfly paid no attention to him. Off he went, headed down the dirt lane. Thistles, prickly and purple, grew along the side of the lane. Today he was going to play with Jock, the poodle. Jock and Malcolm had been friends a long time. Malcolm ran to his house and stood at the gate barking. Jock came to the door and ran outside. The two dogs went across the street to play in the field of bright red poppies. Jock ran around barking and Malcolm followed him, wagging his tail as he ran.

They stopped at the small burn that ran through the field. Malcolm looked at it as Jock lapped up some water. He saw some small fish swimming with the flow of the burn. He started chasing them, barking away. Even though Jock didn’t know what Malcolm was barking at, he started barking too and followed him. Malcolm jumped into the burn. The water felt icy cold as it swirled around his paws. He stuck his snout in the water and tried to catch the fish. He snapped his jaws at them but all he got was a mouthful of water. Jock jumped in right behind him and started nipping at the fish too. He thought the water was too cold. He got out of the water and stood on the tall grass, watching Malcolm.

Malcolm finally caught a fish. He lifted his mouth out of the icy water and showed Jock. The fish was brownish green and was wiggling about in Malcolm’s mouth. Malcolm held on tight but the fish still managed to wiggle its way out. It fell back into the water and swam down the stream. Malcolm barked angrily.

Seeing the fish were gone, he ran out of the burn, splashing water all over Jock. Malcolm kept running, dashing through the poppies. Suddenly he stopped. Jock ran up to him. They both looked up at the poppies. There were some big black and yellow bumblebees buzzing around the flowers. They started barking at them and jumping up, trying to catch them in their mouths. The bees got angry and buzzed by the dog’s noses.

Malcolm stopped. He remembered that bees can sting and it hurts. Jock stopped too. Slowly, the dogs headed back through the flowers towards Jock’s place. They were both delighted to see Jock’s bowl filled with scraps of tender slices of beef. Jock shared it with Malcolm and they both had a feast. They lay down under a pine tree, taking a little snooze. When they woke up, Malcolm had to go home. He barked goodbye to Jock and ran down the dirt lane, headed towards home.

Angus MacScot was not outside any more. He was sitting on his chair in front of the fire. Malcolm sat by his feet, warm and cozy.

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