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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
A Lot of Bugs

"Beans? I think youíd better come and see this," Poke called.

Beans yawned and stretched his wings. "What is it? Iím still sleepy," he whispered.

"I canít tell you. You have to come and look at this," Poke replied. "The ground is alive."

"What?" Beans asked, standing up and walking to the door of the barn. He stuck his head outside. "The ground is alive," he gasped and then looking closer, "but it isnít the ground. Itís grasshoppers or crickets. There are millions of them."

"Grasshoppers? Where did they all come from?" Poke wondered.

"I donít know but itís breakfast time for me," Beans said. He flew out of the barn into the swarms of grasshoppers and started gobbling them down.

"I donít eat bugs," Poke shouted.

Beans didnít even pay attention to him. He was too busy gorging himself. Poke shrugged his pig shoulders and went back into the barn. He shut the door tightly so no grasshoppers would come in. He started nibbling on some hay. After a while he heard knocking at the door. "Help!"

The cow, the horse and the sheep looked at Poke. They werenít about to go and open it. He ignored the banging, or so he tried, but it didnít stop. "Help! Help! Help!" shouted Beans.

Poke finally opened the door. Beans fell inside. He was covered with grasshoppers. They were on his head, in his beak, on his comb, feet and even under his wings. "Get them off me," he cried. Poke slammed the door shut and started shooing the bugs off his friend. Beans lay there, fat and round. Heíd eaten so many of them that he could hardly move, but there were just too many.

"Weíve got to get rid of these grasshoppers, but how?" Poke wondered. "I know," he said after a few moments of thought. He whispered something to Beans.

"Great idea," he answered. Beans slowly made his way up to the loft of the barn. It was hard for him since heíd gotten so fat, but he soon was standing at the door to the loft. He looked down on the farm. You could hardly see a thing from all the grasshoppers. "CAW! CAW! CAW!" he shouted.

Moments later a few crows replied, "CAW! CAW! CAW!" They spotted all the bugs crawling around and swooped down for a feast. Soon word spread to the other crows and within a few minutes there were at least two dozen crows outside the barn, eating all the grasshoppers. An hour later, there wasnít one grasshopper left. The only thing Poke and Beans could see were a lot of fat, black crows, sitting against the trees, rubbing their tummies.

"Well, at least they got rid of the bugs," Poke said. "Now I can go outside and find some fresh corn to eat and you can hunt for some worms."

"Oh no, not me. I am so full! I donít want to eat for the rest of the day. In fact, Iím going to join the crows and have a little siesta," Beans sighed.

Poke wandered into the cornfield. As he munched the corn cobs, he looked at the crows and the rooster, all fat and round and sound asleep. He chewed very quietly so he wouldnít wake them up.

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