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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis

Under Madison’s bed lay a box of rainbows. She pulled the box out and opened it. Inside was a rainbow of colored paints and a paintbrush. There were bright red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, brown and black paints.

Madison carried her box over to her easel. It had a pad of paper clipped to it. She filled up her water cup, dipped the paintbrush into it, and wondered what she should paint. She decided to paint a tree. She dipped the brush into the green paint and drew some leaves, and then carefully washed the brush off. She dabbed it into the brown paint next and painted a tree trunk. She didn’t think it was colorful enough so she added some red apples. Some hung from the branches and others lay on the ground around the bottom of the tree. When she was finished, she stood back and took a look. Her painting was beautiful. "I’m thankful we have apple trees," she smiled.

Madison left the painting to dry and went outside for a walk. She strolled past her next door neighbor’s rose garden, stopping to look at them. There were yellow, red, white, and even orange roses. "I’m thankful for flowers," she giggled and walked on.

As she crossed the street a bluebird flew past. It landed on a fence. It was the most beautiful bird she’d ever seen; even more blue than the sky. "I’m thankful for bluebirds," she said and hummed a pretty tune.

Further down the road she noticed a tiny red ladybug running down the sidewalk. She wanted to pick it up but it ran too quickly. It was bright red with big black spots on its back. It spread its wings and flew over to a lemon-yellow tulip. "I’m thankful for ladybugs," Madison skipped down the street.

She passed by so many things. There was a cluster of purple violets growing in the park. A yellow and black butterfly with gossamer wings fluttered from one daffodil to another. A light brown puppy ran around in someone’s back garden. Madison laughed when she heard it barking. Every time she saw something she felt was beautiful, she felt thankful for being able to enjoy them.

Just before she went into her house, one of her friends ran by carrying a plastic bag. Inside were water and a goldfish. He was taking it home to put in a brand new fishbowl. Madison thought it was bright and very pretty. Its fins and tail swished back and forth in the water as it swam around inside the bag.

She went straight to her easel. The painting of the apple tree was dry. She unclipped it from the easel and set it down on her bed. She hung up another piece of paper. She dipped her wet paintbrush into the red paint and drew a red rose, just like the one she’d seen on her walk. Next to it she painted a bluebird, like the one that had flown past her and landed on the fence. Under the bluebird she painted a red and black ladybug. On the other half of the paper she painted a butterfly, a violet, a brown puppy and a goldfish. ON the top of the page she wrote the words, ‘Things I Am Thankful For’.

She put her paintbrush and her paints back into the big box and slid it under her bed. She smiled, thinking of the box of rainbows under her bed.

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