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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Rainbows - A Window to Heaven

A drizzle pitter-pattered against the window. “Mama, why does it always rain? I wanted to play outside this morning, now I have to stay inside and it's boring.” Sara slouched down in her chair. “I hate rain!”

“Sara! I don't ever want to hear you say that again. If it wasn't for rain, we'd not have flowers, or puddles to splash in, or ponds for the frogs.” Mama put her knitting down. “I think we need to go out for a walk.”

“But Mama, it's raining.” Sara gasped at the thought.

“Rain never hurt anyone. We've got umbrellas and raincoats. Run and put yours on and don't forget your rubber boots.” Mama laughed as she watched the burst of enthusiasm from her daughter.

When she opened the front door, the wind blew rain inside. “Are you sure you want to go for a walk, Mama? We're going to get really wet.”

Mama shut the door behind them, opened her umbrella and stepped onto the grass. “Are you coming?”

Sara slipped her hand into her mama's and down the road they went. “Look over there, Sara. That's Mr. Brockett's flower garden. The roses are sipping the raindrops and the carnations are opening their mouths, swallowing each drop.”

Sara looked over the fence into the garden. “Flowers need water, don't they, Mama.”

Mama nodded and kept walking. “Oh look, Sara. There's a robin showering.” A bird stood on a wooden post, fluffing its feathers and preening.

“It is showering, Mama. That's funny. I've never seen a robin shower before.” Sara looked down at her feet. “Here's a puddle. Can I splash in it?”

“Of course. Let's see how big a splash you can make.” Mama watched as Sara jumped. A wave of cold water sloshed against her legs. “You call that a splash? Watch this.” Mama jumped. Water splattered all over Sara's face.

“That was a good one, Mama.”

As they turned the corner the rain died down and then stopped. “Look, Sara.” Mama pointed to the sky. “The clouds are parting. I hope we see a rainbow.”

“Why, Mama?”

“Rainbows are the windows to heaven. Did you know that if you look right above a rainbow, you can see straight into heaven? Sometimes if you're really quiet, you can hear the angels singing.” Mama tipped her head back and gazed at the dissipating clouds.

A ray of sunlight broke through the heavy grayness and then another. “Mama, the clouds are breaking apart.”

A rainbow appeared, stretching its colored arch from one side of the sky to the other. “Look carefully. Look for that window to heaven.”

Sara let go of her mama's hand. She ran down the road, trying to find a better spot. The sun sparkled the raindrops, making the rainbow shimmer. “I see it, Mama. I see heaven. I can see angels. They're flying about, happy to see the rainbow.”

“Can you hear them sing?”

Sara listened, cupping her hand to her ear. “I think so, Mama. I think they're singing, but I'm not sure.”

Mama squatted next to her child. “Listen carefully. You can hear a choir rejoicing at the beauty of the rainbow. I can hear it.”

Sara smiled at her mama. “I can hear it to, Mama. It's in my heart.”

They walked home in silence. Sara turned now and then to catch a glimpse of the fading rainbow. When they walked in the house, she stood gazing out the door. “Mama, I am happy for the rain. I don't hate rain. I want it to rain again so I can see another rainbow. The flowers need to drink, the fish in the pond need it and so do the birds. I wouldn't like to have smelly birds.”

Mama hugged her girl. “Come on, Sara. Let's get out of these clothes and have a cup of hot cocoa. There will always be more rain. Don't worry about that.”

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