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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Messy Room

Messy RoomEvery single day Emmas mum and dad told her to clean her bedroom and every single day she ignored them. It was a mess! She could hardly open the door because there were so many toys, dirty clothes, and books lying on the carpet.

One morning, as Emma was lying on her bed, her mum stuck her head in the door and said, "Emma! I can hardly stick my head in. Look at this mess. You need to clean your room. Were taking Ryan to the zoo today. Now that we have a pram, we thought it would be a good day to try it out. Clean your room! Were leaving after lunch." Her mum had to squeeze her head between the door and the wall to pull it out.

Emma looked at the mess on her floor. "Its too messy. I dont know where to start. Ill just leave it and clean it after we get home from the zoo," she said.

"Emma, its time for lunch," her mum called.

Emma, being much smaller than her mum, squeezed through the door quite easily and ran into the kitchen. "What are we having today, Mum?" she asked.

"Bacon and tomato sandwiches and some potato crisps. Cant you smell the bacon?" her mum answered.

"It smells delicious. Can we take some old bread to the zoo to feed the animals? I know that Ryan will enjoy that, or at least watching us feed them," Emma said. Ryan was sitting in his high chair looking around the room.

"Well stop by the bakery and pick some day old bread up, if youd like. Now hurry and eat and then well go. Its going to be a lovely day. Gran is coming with us. Shell be here any minute," Mum said. "Go and get your shoes on and then well go."

Emma ate her lunch and then ran into her room to get her shoes. The problem is that she could only find one of them. She looked under her bed, but all she could see were dirty towels and pants. She moved some of her toys out of the way, but still couldnt find her shoe. After shed checked everywhere she could in her room, she squeezed through her door and ran into the kitchen. "Hi Gran," she called to her grandma, who had just arrived. "Mum, I cant find my shoe. Will you wait while I look for it?" she asked.

Her mum thought about how many times shed told Emma to clean her room up. She whispered something to Gran and then said to Emma, "You will have to stay home. Your dad and I will take Ryan to the zoo. Gran will stay here with you."

"No, Mum. Please wait for me. I want to go to the zoo," Emma cried.

"Im sorry, Emma. Ive told you a dozen times to clean your room and you ignored me. You cant find your shoe now. Its your own fault for not doing as I asked. You will stay home with Gran."

Emma ran into her bedroom, sobbing. Her mum came to the door. "Emma, clean that room of yours before I get home. Ive told Gran not to give you any sweets until you are finished." She went out to the car with Ryan and Emmas dad and then they drove away.

Emma sat on her bed and cried for a long time. Gran stayed in the living room and did some knitting. "I guess Id better clean my room," she pouted, wiping the tears from her eyes. It took Emma two hours to clean her room. She put all the dirty washing into the clothes hamper. She put all her toys back in the right boxes and then stacked them nicely in her closet. She hung up all of her clean clothes and put the rubbish into a plastic garbage bag. She made her bed and put the doll clothes in the doll box. "I did it!" she said proudly. She even found her missing shoe. She ran into the living room. "Gran! Come and see. I cleaned my room and found my shoe."

Gran put her knitting down and looked in Emmas room. "The door actually opens. This looks very nice, Emma. If you kept it this way, youd not lose your shoes. Come and have a sweetie now," she said.

Emma and Gran were sitting at the table eating a bowl of trifle with cream when her mum, dad, and Ryan came home. "Well, look at Emmas room," her dad said. "Its clean."

"Your room can look that good every day, Emma. All you need to do is put your wash in the clothes hamper every night and pick your toys up when you are finished playing with them," her mum said.

"How was the zoo? Did Ryan have fun? I wish I could have gone," Emma frowned.

"I see you found your shoe! Well go again and if you keep your room clean, we may go and do some other fun things too," her mum added.

From then on, Emma tried her hardest to keep her room clean. Every night, after she changed into her pajamas, she put her clothes in the hamper. She put her shoes in the closet and always cleaned up her toys. A week later, her mum took her to the zoo and they had so much fun.

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