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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Hungry Seal

Way up north, where the wind blows its icy breath across the land lived a little boy named Kimo. He and his family lived in an igloo, made from carved blocks of frozen snow. They dressed warm and always wore gloves, boots and heavy coats whenever they went outside.

Each morning Kim and his father went fishing. Since everything was frozen solid, they had to cut holes in the ice to catch the fish. Sometimes they would see penguins waddling about and now and then they'd see a polar bear with her cubs running across the ice.

One morning Kimo's father cut a hole in the ice as he usually did. “You sit here and watch this,” he said to his son. He handed Kimo a stick with a line on it. “See that cork? If a fish nibbles on the bait under the water, the cork will bob up and down. Pull the stick up and bring the fish onto the ice. I will be watching and come to help you if you need it.”

Kimo sat on the ice and held the fishing pole. He waited and waited and waited, but the cork didn't move. One yawn after another escaped his mouth.

Just then the cork bobbed way down into the water. Kimo tugged the stick. Instead of catching a fish, a big brown seal poked its head up through the dark water. Kimo dropped the stick and ran to his father.

“What's the matter, Kimo?” Father held his son out in front of him. “It's only a seal.” He took Kimo by the hand and walked back to the fishing hole. The seal had jumped out of the water and lay on the ice. It held a fish in its mouth. “See, Kimo, the seal caught a fish. Now you try.”

Kimo sat next to the seal and put the fishing line back into the water. A few minutes later it bobbed up and down. He pulled the line and a huge fish flew onto the ice. The seal also saw the fish and it waddled over to the fish and ate it. “Father! The seal ate my fish. It was huge and could have fed us all day long.” The seal slid off the ice into the water and disappeared under the ice.

Father came running to Kimo. He sat on the ice. “I'll show you how it's done.” Soon he'd caught five fish. “Let's go home, Kimo.”

“But, Father, I caught one and the seal ate it,” Kimo tried to tell him.

Father shook his head back and forth. He didn't believe Kimo. When they got home Kimo told his mother about the fish and how the seal stole it. Mother looked at Father, who shook his head and winked at her.

They feasted on fish for breakfast. Kimo gobbled his down and then lay on the blanket to take a nap. His face smiled as he dreamed of the fish, the seal and the ice.

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