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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Sir Darien

Darien Gobblestopper dreamed of being a knight since he was a little boy. He spent his days practicing with his sword. He knew that one day he'd grow up and be a dragonslayer. He had his own shield with the Gobblestopper insignia on it and even fixed up his father's old armor so that it fit him.

The years passed and Darien grew into a man. He moved to a small village surrounded by rolling green hills. He kept practicing his sword fighting and polished his armor and shield every day.

One summer day a dragon flew down from the tall mountains far away and terrorized the villagers. He burned down their barns and stole their cows, carrying them off to his cave. All the villagers ran around screaming. “We need a dragonslayer! We need a dragonslayer!”

Darien ran to his cottage and put on his armor. He grabbed his shield and his sword and ran over the hill toward the dragon's mountain. For three days he ran, without stopping, searching for the dragon's cave. When he reached the tall peak, he climbed the rocks to the cave. He saw cow's bones and horns lying on the ground and knew he was close.

He crept around the opening of the cave and peeked inside. The dragon lay sleeping, snoring and grumbling. Darien held his sword out in front of him and marched into the cave. He chopped off the tip of its tail.

The dragon woke up and growled in pain.

Darien ran out of the cave, down the mountain, across the hills all the way back to the village. He showed everyone the dragon's tail. Everyone cheered for him. He was the hero. Dragon's can't fly without the tips of their tails.

The king of the land called Darien to his castle. “Darien Gobblestopper, I crown you Sir Darien Gobblestopper of the Land of Garnig. Arise Sir Darien.”

Darien stood. The king presented him with a new sword, new armor, and a brand new shield and dubbed him Dragonslayer of the Land.

At last Darien's dream had come true.

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