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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Hiding in the Standing Stones

When Maureen woke up, the sun was shining in through her bedroom window. She could hear the chicken’s clucks and the sheep’s baas. She looked out the window. It had rained during the wee hours of the morning and there was a rainbow, spread across the sky in a wide arch. She looked at all the colors and thought they were beautiful.

After seeing all the bright colors, she decided to wear her red jumper and matching pants. She brushed her hair and tied some red and white checked ribbons around the ends of her braids.

When she went into the kitchen, her mum was busy peeling turnips and tatties. Maureen ate her breakfast, porridge and cream, put a few pieces of shortbread in her pocket, and then went out to play. The chickens scattered as she walked behind the house and headed for the hills. She loved walking through the hills each morning. Several lambs followed her as she walked.

She spotted some large stones up ahead and went towards them. They turned out to be standing stones, ancient slabs of rock that were standing straight up in a circle. Some of them had tipped over, but most of them were upright. Maureen loved to run through them and climb on them.

She pulled herself up onto one and the lambs started to bleat. They wanted to get up there with her. They ran around and around, trying to look for a way to get up. Seeing none, they stood and went BAA! Maureen started to laugh. She jumped down and ran around the stones. All the lambs chased her, their little wooly heads bobbing up and down as they romped about. Maureen decided to play hide and seek with them. She ran and hid behind the biggest standing stone. The lambs didn’t know where she was. She made a few soft baas. She watched as the lambs looked behind the stones, wondering where she was. She giggled.

She was about to make some more noises when one of the lambs snuck up behind her and went BAA! It made Maureen jump. She fell into the tall grass. The lambs climbed all over here, their wool tickling her face.

Maureen finally was able to sit up. She took the shortbread out of her pocket and started to eat it. The lambs tried to take bites of it. Maureen let them eat the crumbs as they fell into the grass.

She looked up into the sky. White, puffy clouds began to float across the sun. She knew it was time to head back to the croft house. She stood up and started to run as fast as she could. The lambs ran just as quickly, chasing her all the way home. Just as she walked in through the back door, it started to rain. Maureen looked out the window and watched the lambs running to a large elm tree to get out of the rain. When it stopped, she’d go back out and play some more, but for now, it was time to help her mum make some stovies.

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