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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Things In the Swamp

The swamp is a dangerous place if you aren't careful. Dora learned that one day. She was looking for frogs for her brother's birthday and tromped through ankle-deep water, looking at all the lily pads and pretty flowers.

Suddenly she felt something down by her feet. A big snake slithered through the water. "A snake!" She screamed, jumped backwards and ran, splashing in the water.

She ran so fast that she didn't notice the alligator until she stepped on its tail. Its jaws snapped at Dora's leg. "An alligator!" She screamed and ran.

She didn't notice the giant lizard that sat on a rock. It hissed at her and wiggled its red tongue. "A lizard!" She threw her hands up in the air, let out a loud scream and ran around the trees.

Something big moved in front of her. "It can't be a snake. It can't be an alligator. It can't be another lizard. What is that?" She stared, squinting to see what the large, dark shape was.

A growl roared towards her. "Is it a bear? Is it a tiger?" The growl came again. Dora was so scared that she threw all the frogs back into the water, let out a loud scream and ran out of the swamp.

She heard someone call after here. "Stop, Dora!" When she heard the voice, she knew it was her brother.

"It's you? I thought you were a bear or a tiger. Why did you scare me?" Dora was not happy.

"Sorry. I thought it was funny. What were you doing in the swamp anyway?"

"I was trying to catch you some frogs, but I dropped them when you roared." Dora frowned.

"Sorry. Come on. I'll help you."

Dora and her brother caught ten frogs and took them home. She never went into the swamp by herself again.

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