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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Sweet Dreams

"Leave that food alone!" Mum called out to her two young children, David and Sara. "No sweets until after Christmas supper tomorrow. Youíve had enough already."

"Mum, canít we have just one bit of fudge?" David begged.

"Please, Mum. Just one?" Sara whined.

"No. Youíll get sick; besides that, its time to go to bed. Itís Christmas Eve and you know what that means," Mum said with a smile. "Now off to bed with you."

Sara and David ran into the bedroom. Sara jumped into her bed and pulled the pink blanket over her. David stood at the window and looked outside. "Sara, come and look. Thereís a bright star out there. Do you think if I wish on it, that my wish will come true?"

"Donít be silly, David. You canít really wish upon a star," Sara replied.

"Iím going to wish on it anyway. Itís Christmas Eve. I wish on the first star I see tonight that you and I could shrink down really small and sneak into the kitchen and eat all the sweets we want," David said, thinking about the fudge.

"That would be brilliant," Sara said, "but youíd better get into bed. I know that wishes only come true when you go to sleep first."

David climbed into his bed and pulled his green blanket over him. Soon the two of them were asleep.

"Itís time to get up," Sara called.

David opened his eyes. He looked up at the ceiling. It seemed so far away. He looked at his bed. "Iíve shrunk!" he shouted, realizing that he was so small that his whole body was lying in the middle of the pillow. "Sara!"

She stood up and saw that she too had shrunk and was standing knee deep in her pillow. "David, your wish came true. We shrunk. Now we can sneak into the kitchen and eat the sweets."

David held on tightly to his blanket and climbed down to the carpeted floor. Sara did the same. They landed on the soft, shaggy carpet, which was as tall to them as walking through a field of tall weeds. They made their way to the door, which luckily was open enough for them to get through. As they walked down the hallway toward the kitchen, they passed the sleeping kitten. "Shhhh, Sara. Donít wake Misty up. If she sees us sheíll think weíre mice and eat us," David warned. Quietly they tiptoed past Misty and went into the kitchen. Sara and David could smell the sweet aroma of gingerbread as they entered the room.

"Thereís the table, but how will we get up there?" Sara wondered.

David looked up. Off to the side dangled a long piece of red ribbon. It was tied around one of the plates of cookies that a neighbor had delivered. "Letís climb up the ribbon," he suggested. It didnít seem so far to climb. He and Sara were really good climbers. David led the way up the ribbon; hand over hand, until they both reached the tabletop. Before them lay a feast of sweets only the eye could believe. Sara gasped in delight. Davidís jaw dropped wide open. They could eat all of the giant-sized sweets if they wanted to. There was plate after plate lying on top of the green, red, and white checked tablecloth.

They each ran over to a different plate. David ran right to the fudge. He stuck his hand out and scooped a hole in a large piece of the cream, chocolaty sweet. It was soft and smelled so good. He shoved it in his mouth. "Yum," he said. "Sara, come and taste the fudge. Itís delicious. Itís got walnuts in it too."

"No thanks. Iím enjoying this creamy divinity," she said. She was busy breaking chunks off and eating it.

When they had their fill of that, they moved to the next plate. It was piled high with sugary biscuits covered with thick, white, creamy icing. Little red and green sprinkles were on top. "Mum would never have let us eat these," David said.

"But sheís not here, is she?" Sara giggled and bit into the biscuit.

They explored some of the other plates. There was peanut brittle, boiled sweets, chocolate Santaís, bells, and trees and a gingerbread house. "Look at all the things on this gingerbread!" Sara squealed in delight. There were gumdrops, peppermint sticks, jellied spearmint leaves, jawbreakers, lifesavers, wafers and lemon drops. They sampled some of everything. By the time they were finished, there was a sticky mess all over the tablecloth and on themselves. "Mumís not going to be happy with us." She rubbed her tummy. "David. I feel sort of ill. I think Iíve had enough sweets," Sara complained.

"Me too. Letís go back to bed," David moaned. They climbed back down the red ribbon, snuck past Misty and went into their bedroom. They were both too tired to try to climb onto the bed so they fell asleep inside Saraís fuzzy slippers.

"Wake up! Merry Christmas, David and Sara," Mum called. She pulled the blankets off them. "Get up. Itís Christmas morning. Itís time to open presents."

Sara jumped out of bed and ran into the living room. David sat up and looked around. He was in his bed. He hadnít shrunk at all. It had been a dream. He ran into the kitchen and looked on the table. He saw the red ribbon dangling there, all the sweets and the gingerbread house. "Come and open your presents," Sara called to her brother.

David took another look at the fudge, divinity, and chocolate Santaís. Smiling with relief, he went into the living room to join his mother, father and sister. "Merry Christmas," he shouted and opened his gifts.

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