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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
What Should I Buy With My Pocket Money?

"Mummy, can we go to the shops? Iíve got my pocket money from last week and I want to buy some sweeties," Ross asked.

"There are so many other wonderful things you can spend your pocket money on, Ross. Why not buy a book, or some paper and pencils to draw?" his mum replied.

"Iíve got plenty of books, Mum, and lots of drawing paper and pencils. I want some sweeties. Will you walk to the shop with me?" Ross begged.

"Of course I will, Ross. I need to pick up a can of beetroot and some beans. Grab the umbrella. It looks like another drizzly day," Mum said, peeking through the curtains.

Ross and his mum walked down the street towards the shops. It rained lightly. "Hello, Mrs. McFarland," Mum said as they passed her walking her dog.

"Did you see the dog, Mum? It was wearing a woolen jumper," Ross laughed. He turned for another look at the dog. "Imagine going to all that work, knitting a jumper for a dog!"

"Aye, Ross, thatís a lot of work. I know how much work goes into knitting your jumpers. The dogís had a lot of Fair Isle pattern in it. Thatís too much work for a dog," she agreed.

A red, double-decker bus rode past, splashing water onto Rossís legs. "Mum, did you see that? My feet are soaking now," he whined.

"Theyíll dry, Ross. Letís hurry up. I donít want to get splashed on," she chuckled.

They picked up the pace and soon stood in front of the shopping center. "Iíll go and look for sweeties, Mum. You go and get your beans and beetroot. Pick up some haggis and potatoes so we can have chips for dinner tonight," Ross said and ran off to find his sweeties.

His mum walked up and down the aisles, looking for the beans. She found them and picked up three cans. She spotted the beetroot and picked up a can of the pickled variety and put it in her cart. "I supposed Iíd better get a haggis," she mumbled and went to the butcher department. "One haggis please," she said. Soon the butcher handed her the haggis, wrapped in white butcher paper. "Thank you," she smiled. "Now, potatoes for Rossís chips." She picked up five new potatoes, a ripe garden tomato and an onion and went to pay for it.

Ross was having a dilemma. He couldnít decide which sweeties to buy. There were so many choices. "Do I want chocolate or licorice or maybe some sea foam? Maybe I should get some of each? Oh, those jelly babies look good too." He finally made his choice and went to pay for them.

"Did you get your sweeties?" his mum asked as they walked out of the store. The rain had stopped so she didnít need to open the umbrella.

"I got a few things, Mum. Iíll show you when we get home," he smiled. "Did you get the haggis for tonight?"

"I got the haggis, a big one. Itíll be delicious, and yes, I got tatties so you can have chips with it," she assured him.

That night they sat down for supper. The haggis was steaming as Mum cut it open. The chips were crisp and salted and the beetroot was tangy and vinegary, just like Mum liked it. "This is delicious, Mum. Thanks," Ross said. When they were finished eating, he put his bag of sweeties on the table. "I got you something special for tonight, Mum. I know these are your favorites," Ross said. He pulled a huge chunk of milk chocolate-covered sea foam and some Turkish Delight.

"Oh, Ross, those look scrumptious. Thank you. That was kind of you to use your pocket money to buy something for me. I hope you got something for yourself," Mum said.

"I did," Ross replied and dumped the rest of his bag onto the table. There were jelly fish, and licorice drops, and black currant drops filled with chocolate in the center, and all sorts of other sweeties.

"Ross! Donít you go eating those all tonight!" Mum said, surprised at all the sweeties.

Ross laughed, "Donít worry, Mum. I wonít. Iíll only eat one or two a day. These have got to last me until my next pocket money comes along."

Mum made them both some hot cocoa while they watched the tellie. The rain fell outside; a fire glowed in the living room, keeping Ross and his Mum warm and cozy while they nibbled on their sweeties.

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