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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Lost Cat

Jim and his brother, Bill, went to the park to play on the swings. Jim heard a meow come from under the slippery slide. "It's a kitty," Jim said.

Bill ran over to see. "A  kitty. I want a  kitty. Let's keep him and take him home."

"We can't do that, Bill. What if it belongs to someone else?"

"I want it." Bill picked the kitty up and carried it home.

"We shouldn't take it. It's not our kitty." Jim shook his head.

Bill ignored him and kept walking. That afternoon Bill played with the kitty. He named it Fuzzy and stroked its fur and fed it a can of tuna fish. "Nice  kitty. You're my kitty now."

Jim went back to the park and started asking people if they had lost  their kitty. An elderly woman sat on a bench. "Do you loose a ginger-colored cat?"

The woman smiled. "No. My cat's name is Fluffy and she's home, safe in the house."

Jim waved goodbye and saw a little girl on the slippery slide. "Hey, little girl, did you lose a kitty?"

The girl slid down. "No. I don't like cats. I like dogs. I've got a dog at home named Sammy." She climbed the ladder again.

Jim saw a woman pushing a baby in a stroller. "Excuse me. Did you lose a kitty?"

The woman stopped and looked at Jim. "No. I have a puppy at home. My baby, Grace, loves her puppy."

Jim waved goodbye. He was about to go home when he saw a boy standing near a tree. "Did you lose a kitty?"

The boy had tear in his eyes. "I did. His name is Carl. Have you seen him?"

Jim smiled. "Follow me." He led the boy back to his house. "Bill? Bill. Come here."

Bill came out the front door. The kitty was in his arms.

"Carl." The other boy laughed and ran to Bill, grabbing the kitty out of his arms. "I'm so glad you found him. I lost him today and I've been so sad." The boy ran off with the kitty.

Bill sat on a bucket and cried. "I want the kitty."

Jim sighed. "Bill, maybe if we ask Mom and Dad, they'll buy you one. Come on. I'll go with you."

Their parents thought it was a good idea and bought Bill his very own kitty. It had black splotches on its white fur. Bill named it Patches and didn't cry any more.

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