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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Traveler

Bindy and her family lived in a wagon. They didn't have a house like most people. They traveled around the country, parking their wagon in the shade of an oak tree, or in the middle of a meadow of wildflowers. While Bindy's mother and father did odd jobs, she stayed at the wagon and helped take care of her little brother, Henry.

One bright morning her father stopped the wagon at the bottom of some hills. Trees sprouted up all around and the ground was covered with dandelions.  Bindy took Henry onto the grass and let him run around in the flowers. “I like it here, Henry. I hope Mother and Father want to stay here. I'd like to live here.”

Henry crawled over to a dandelion and plucked it, waving the yellow bloom in his chubby fingers.

“I think that means you'd like it too.” Bindy clapped her hands and ran over to her brother.

Bindy's mother came home and fixed her children a bowl of stew. It had chunks of carrots and potatoes, mixed in with lamb and gravy. Bindy ate a whole bowlful and so did Henry. “Why can't we live here? I like it here.  There are trees and flowers and hills.”

Her mother sighed and glanced at her daughter. “Bindy, I would love to stay here. I get tired of traveling all over, but this land is not ours. We are allowed to stay here for a day or two and then we must move on. One day, I promise, we'll find somewhere to stay.”

Bindy hugged her mother and lay on the bed to take a nap. While she and Henry were sleeping, her father loaded up the wagon and they moved on. Bindy woke up. “Where are we going?” She looked out the window.

“We heard about a place where there's a stream and wild roses and beehives full of honey. We're going there.” Her father smiled and rode the horses onward.

They traveled for two days and finally stopped at the side of a stream. Bindy took Henry and went for a walk. “Look at this place, Henry. There's grass to roll in and flowers to pick and trees to climb. We could sit under this tall tree right here and learn how to read and write. I like it here.”

Bindy's father walked over to her. “Bindy, we are going to stay here. The owner of this land said we can stay as long as we want. Would you like that?”

Bindy clapped her hands and ran around shouting. “We can stay! We can stay!”

For the next three years they stayed by the stream. Bindy and Henry learned to read and write, just as they had hoped for. They climbed every tree and caught fish in the stream and ran up and down the hills. Bindy even picked roses for her mother. “This is my home and I'm happy.” Bindy sat on the steps to her wagon and looked around at the beautiful flowers. “This is my home now.”

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