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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Tired Witch

Alison looked at her broom. “I suppose I have to fly around tonight, like I'm supposed to do. Who decided that witches had to fly around at night on their brooms?” She sighed. “The moon is out. Time to go, but I'd much rather sit in front of the fire and eat chocolate.”

She picked up her broom and slipped it between her legs. “Magic broom, the moon is bright. Magic broom we must go out tonight.” With that the broom shook from side to side and flew out of the window, with Alison holding on.

The witch zoomed back and forth across the moon, being careful not to bump into the other witches who were out doing the same thing. She saw her friend, Diane. “Diane, why do we have to do this every night? Who made up this rule that witches have to fly around at night cackling and snarling?”

Diane rode her broom along side of Alison. “It's fun. I love doing this. I died my hair a darker shade of purple today just for this occasion. You look like you need a touch up. Your skin is so pale. It hardly looks green at all. If you ask me, Alison, you're not much of a witch.” Diane sneered and flew toward the moon. Her cackles echoed across the midnight sky.

Alison sighed again. “Diane and the others might like this, but I don't. I'm going home.” She flew down to her cottage and put the broom down. “I am tired of flying.” She leaned against the broom, crossed her arms and watched a snake slither by. “I'm going inside to sit in front of the fire and eat two pieces of chocolate.” She leaned the broom against the door and went inside. After taking off her boots and pointed hat, she threw some fire powder into the fireplace. Hot flames burst forth, warming the chilled house. She rummaged through her cupboards. “I've got bat's toes, lizard tongues, mushroom caps and spider legs, but no chocolate.”

A heavy book sat on the table. Alison glanced at it. “My Magic Spell Book.” She turned the pages. “There must be a spell to conjure up chocolate.” She looked at one page after another. “No spells for chocolate, but there is one for cheese. I like cheese. Let's see what it says. 'Fly on your magic broom to the moon. It is made of cheese!' The moon is made of cheese?” Alison went to the window and peered out. She could see all the other witches flying about. “I wonder.”

She put on her hat, her boots and grabbed her broom. “Magic broom, the moon is bright. Magic broom, we must go out tonight.” Without hesitation, the broom whizzed out the window, heading straight for the moon.

When Alison came closer to the other witches, she saw big chunks of cheese in their hands. “So that's why we fly across the moon every night. Witches like cheese and the moon is made of cheese. Now it all makes sense.” Alison flew right up to the moon. She picked up a chunk of cheese and gobbled it down. “This is good stuff. I like moon cheese.” All of a sudden Alison wanted to fly every night. She wanted cheese, like all the other witches.

Never again did Alison stay home and nibble chocolate and sit in front of the fire. As soon as the moon came up, she was on her broom, heading for the moon!

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