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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Toy Shop

“Mama, I want to go to the toy shop for my birthday,” Douglas said. “Gretel can come too.”

“The toy shop? All right then. If that's what you want to do we'll go. Come on Gretel. You're coming with us.” Mama grabbed each of her children's hands and they walked down the street to Beardley's Toy Shop. Mama opened the door and Douglas ran inside. Gretel stood by her mama, looking at all the toys. “Go ahead, Gretel. Go and play.”

Douglas saw airplanes and helicopters hanging from the ceiling. He saw marbles and robots and blocks. “This is fun, Mama. Can I buy one toy? It is my birthday today.”

Mama laughed. “Yes, you can pick one toy. Play with some of them and see what you want the most.”

Gretel saw a doll house and some balls, a rocking horse and a jack-in-the-box. “Can I have a toy too, Mama?”

“Today is Douglas's birthday, Gretel. He gets a toy because it's a special day for him. You can play with the toys, but you'll have to wait until your birthday before you can have one.” Mama saw Gretel's pout. “Go and play, Gretel.”

Douglas rode a red tricycle around and played with a toy car. Gretel stood in the corner near the window. She didn't want to play with the toys.

“Mama, why is Gretel crying?”

“She's upset because it's your birthday and she doesn't get a toy of her own.” Mama explained to her son.

Douglas whispered something into Mama's ear.

“Are you sure, Douglas?”

The boy nodded. He went over to the dollhouse and picked it up. He carried it to his mama. “I want to buy this for Gretel. I am having a wonderful day and a party later on. It's okay if Gretel gets the present instead of me.”

Mama hugged her boy. “I'm so proud of you. Why don't you go and tell your sister.”

Douglas ran over to Gretel and grabbed her arm, pulling her to the check out counter. “Gretel, since it's my birthday, I' m going to buy you a present. I bought this doll house for you. Do you like it?”

Gretel giggled and clapped her hands. “For me? I get a present on your birthday?”

“Yes. I'll get presents at my party. This is for you.” Douglas handed Gretel the doll house.

“Thank you for sharing, Douglas,” Gretel said.

That afternoon Douglas had all his friends over for a party. He had cake and ice cream and opened a lot of presents, but Gretel didn't mind at all. She was happy for him. He'd bought her the dollhouse. She played with it all day and let Douglas have fun on his birthday.

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