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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Up, Up and Away

Benjamin Bear walked through the park. The sun was warm and felt good on his light brown fur. He sat down on the grass and watched the ducks land in the pond. When they started quacking, Benjamin started laughing. QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! He knew they would soon be flying south for winter.

A squirrel with acorns in its cheeks came running past. Benjamin watched as it ran up a tall oak tree. A few leaves fluttered down and landed on his head. He picked them up. There were red, orange, yellow and purple leaves. Benjamin tossed them high into the air and watched them fall to the ground.

Up, Up and AwayHe heard music playing somewhere in the distance. It was a fair! Benjamin saw a merry-go-round, a ferris wheel, and some toss the dart games. He saw a man carrying an armful of bright colored balloons and ran over for a closer look. The man handed Benjamin a red one, a purple one, and a green one. Benjamin was happy. He started walking through the park holding onto the balloons.

A wind came up and suddenly the balloons, with Benjamin Bear attached, flew into the air. WHEEEEEE! At first he was scared but then he started laughing. It was fun to fly above the treetops, over the pond, and across the bridges.

TWEET! TWEET! TWEET! Two bluebirds flew around Benjamin Bearís head, wondering what he was doing up in the sky. He went higher and higher and soon floated through the puffy white clouds. A rainbow filled the sky and Benjamin went right into the middle of it. Colors sparkled all around him.

After flying all over the countryside, Benjamin wanted to go back down to the ground, so he let go of the red balloon. It floated high into the sky and Benjamin started falling slowly to the ground. Soon he was bumping into the tops of the trees. He let go of the purple balloon and it flew away into the clouds. Benjamin dropped to the ground and landed on the soft green grass. He let go of the green balloon and watched it float away. He started laughing when he saw the bluebirds chasing it until it disappeared.

Benjamin Bear felt tired and lay down under a sycamore tree and took a nap as the balloons sailed through the sky, heading towards the sun.

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