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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Eat Your Vegetables

Miss Crawford's school class learned about eating foods that were healthy and good for you. Instead of eating sweets, cakes, pies and chocolate biscuits, she taught them to eat fruits and vegetables.

“Miss Crawford, what is the best fruit to eat?” Jack raised his hand to ask.

“We all like different fruit. My favorite fruit is strawberries. What is yours, Jack?”  Miss Crawford smiled.

“I like bananas,” Jack said.

“I like apples, Miss Crawford,” Angela said.

“Miss Crawford, I like grapes, oranges, pears and tomatoes,” Jill said.

“A tomato isn't a fruit. Jill doesn't know anything, Miss Crawford.” Percy stuck his tongue about at Jill.

“Percy, stop that. It happens that Jill is correct. A tomato is a fruit. What is your favorite fruit, Percy?”

“I guess I like lemons,” Percy said.

“Percy likes lemons. That means he's a sour puss,” Jilly taunted.

“Class, all fruits are good for you. Now, what about your vegetables? Who likes to eat vegetables?” Miss Crawford looked at each student. None of them raised their hands. “You mean not one of you likes any vegetables?”

“I guess I like carrots,” Megan said, “but only if they are raw.”

“I like broccoli, Miss Crawford,” Andrea said. “My mom says its good for me.”

“It is. I think we're going to have a parade. I want each of you to draw your favorite vegetable. When you're finished we'll make them into flags and walk around the school. Everyone will see our favorite vegetables.” Miss Crawford instructed the students to get out their crayons and paper.

When they'd finished, She stapled each drawing to a wooden dowel. “There now, you've all got your flag. Let's start our parade.”

The children marched around the school waving their flags back and forth. The other classes stopped to look. When they got back to class, Miss Crawford said, “There now! You just taught the whole school about how good vegetables are for them. Take your flags home and ask your mother's to fix you your favorite vegetable for supper tonight.”

And they did.

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