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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Waddle loves the Snow!

Waddle was a plump duck with snow white feathers, bright orange webbed feet and bill. Waddle was different from most of the ducks in the pond. While the other ducks moved quickly, he walked slowly, waddling back and forth, from side to side with each step.

Waddle loves the Snow!

One sunny winter's day, Waddle was swimming about as usual in the pond. One side of the pond was covered in ice, as it didnít get as much sun as the other side. Waddle enjoyed the warmer parts of the pond, the places where there was no ice. He also preferred hiding among the tree limbs that hung over the water, offering a protective shelter from the wind and bad weather.

He swam about, busily looking for something to eat, like the occasional bug that fell into the water, or some algae that was growing on a bent reed. He stuck his head under the water to look around at what tasty morsels might be on the pond bottom. He noticed some small snails clinging to the branch of a tree that had dangled too far into the water. Using his rounded bill, he plucked a few off and gobbled them down. Waddle loved to eat snails.

A gust of cold wind blew through his feathers. Waddle looked up into the sky. It was filled with dark gray clouds. They hung low and looked heavy. Waddle knew what that meant. Snow! At first it rained, big drops falling, splattering in the pond. He swam under the dead branches and took cover under the trunk of the tree. Splat! Splat! Splat!

The more drops that fell, the choppier the pond became.

After a while, the rain turned to snow. Huge flakes fluttered down to the ground, carpeting it with a blanket of whiteness. The snowflakes that fell into the pond, dissolved quickly in the icy water. The snow came down for hours. Waddle tucked his bill and head under the feathers of his wings and fell asleep.

Silence filled the air as the wintry storm continued throughout the night. When Waddle woke up the next morning, he felt the sunshine on his face. Itís rays filtered through the willow tree. He opened his eyes. Everything was covered with snow. The trees hung low because of the snow piled on their branches, the bushes were bent over, and the pond looked black. The sunshine reflecting off the snow nearly blinded Waddle. He turned his head and saw that his back was covered with an inch of snow. He raised his wings and flapped them back and forth. All the snow fell into the water.

He came out from under the branches and swam around the pond. Everything was beautiful and clean looking. The little ice crystals in the snow sparkled in the sunlight. He swam around in circles for a while, happy to be alive, happy to be a duck in the pond.

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