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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Warm Paws and Ears

Gigantic flakes of snow fell from the sky. The wind captured each one and swirled around them and tossed them about in all directions before they landed on the frozen ground. Claire, a hare with long ears, large paws and a fluffy tail, was searching for something to eat. Carrots didn’t grow in winter, so she had to resort to eating rose hips, dried up hawthorn berries, and heather.

Claire was cold. Even though she was covered with brown fur, the wind was particularly bitter that day. She hopped across the top of the deep, crunchy snow and went into her burrow. It was warm inside. She sat in front of her fireplace, warming her chilled paws and pulled a blanket up over her legs.

Next to her chair was a bag filled with balls of colored wool yarn and a pair of knitting needles. Claire reached in the bag and pulled out a ball of apple-green yarn. She started knitting and soon had completed a pair of earmuffs for her long ears. She slipped them both over the top of her ears and pulled them down. They fit perfectly. They would keep her ears nice and warm when she went out into the snow.

She laid the earmuffs on the arm of the chair and reached into the bag. She pulled out some hot pink yarn. She started knitting a pair of socks for her back legs and paws. They got so cold when she hopped around on the ice. When they were finished, she slipped the socks on over her paws and pulled them up. They fit perfectly and would keep her legs and paws nice and warm when she went out into the snow.

She slipped the pink socks off and laid them next to the green earmuffs on the arm of her chair. She then reached in and pulled out another ball of yarn. It was tangerine orange. She started knitting some gloves for her front paws. She could make some good snowballs and hop all around, and they would stay warm. She soon finished them and slipped them on her front paws. They fit perfectly and would keep her front paws nice and warm when she went out into the snow.

Claire took the gloves off and put them on the arm of the chair next to the green earmuffs and pink socks. She was proud of her work and knew she could hop all over the meadow and be nice and warm. She put the earmuffs on over her long ears. She slipped her socks on over her back paws and legs and then pulled her gloves on. She was warm and ready to go outside.

Claire climbed out of her burrow and hopped onto the snow. She leapt about the meadow, prancing through the heather and ferns. She stayed warm all day as she nibbled on some berries and acorns that she’d dug up from beneath the oak tree.

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