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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Butterfly's Warning

Oogly spent most of his time sleeping in the branches of leafy trees. His green scaly skin helped him blend in the with leaves, protecting him from animals that might want to eat lizards. Two other lizards lived in the same tree. Roggy was green, like Oogly, but smaller. Dobby was blue and had orange spikes down his back. The three lizards stayed hidden and at night went in search of food on the ground.

One day an orange butterfly flew past and saw Oogly. “I saw a lizard that was a hundred times bigger than you are. It is as big as this tree.”

Oogly didn't believe the butterfly. “There's no such thing. Go away and stop being a pest.”

A while later a pink butterfly flew over to Roggy. “I saw a lizard that was a thousand times bigger than you are. It is as big as this tree.”

Roggy didn't believe the butterfly. “There's no such thing. Go away and stop being a pest.”

Roggy ran over to Oogly. “I just had a visit from a butterfly who told me about a giant lizard that was as big as this tree.”

Oogly said, “Let's go and tell Dobby. Maybe a butterfly told him the same thing as they told us.”

Oogly and Roggy saw Dobby sitting on a branch high up the tree. “Dobby, did you see any butterflies? Roggy and I both did and they told us there was a lizard as big as this tree.”

“There's no such thing. Go away and take a nap. I want to sleep. Lizards as big as this tree. Phooey.” Dobby ignored them and closed his eyes.

Roggy and Oogly sat next to Dobby, looking in the branches of the trees. “What if the butterflies were telling the truth,” whispered Roggy. “What if there really is a lizard that big?”

“Then we're in big trouble,” Oogly said. “Let's hide.”

As they hid behind a cluster of leaves, they saw hundreds of butterflies flying past. “You'd better get out of there. There's a giant lizard and he's coming your way.”

Oogly looked at Roggy. Roggy looked at Oogly. “Let's hide in a better place than this.” The two lizards ran down the tree and hid in the rocks.

A few minutes later they heard the rushing of wind. “What is that noise?” Oogly said.

A huge dragon flew past, its wings flapping up and down.

“That must be the giant lizard, only it flies,” Roggy said. They pulled their tails in closer.

The dragon swished its tail back and forth.

Oogly saw the spikes up its back. “It's got spikes, like Dobby, but it's as big as this tree.”

Suddenly the dragon blew fire from it's mouth. The tree where Dobby lay sleeping burned to the ground.

Roggy and Oogly gasped. “I've never seen a lizard do that before.”

“Me neither,” Roggy cried. “Let's get out of here.”

The two lizards ran as fast as a lizard can run and didn't stop until they were far away. They found a tall tree and climbed to the top. Another lizard lived in the tree, but it didn't mind the two of them being there. Roggy sighed and relaxed. He shut his eyes and fell asleep. Oogly closed his and soon both lizards were sleeping.

When morning came the next day, Roggy sat up. He saw a bright red butterfly fluttering towards him.”It's a butterfly. That means the dragon is coming.” He shook Oogly. “Look. It's a butterfly. That means the dragon is coming.”

Oogly's eyes opened wide. “You're right.”

They ran down the tree and into the woods and didn't stop running all day. Whenever they saw a butterfly, they knew it was coming to warn them of the dragon and they didn't stick around. Oogly and Roggy never stayed in the same place for too long because there were always butterflies fluttering by.

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