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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Wet Dogs

When the daffodils begin to bloom in the highlands, it is a sure sign that rain is going to be pouring for the next several weeks. When Malcolm heard raindrops spattering against the living room window he ran over and looked outside. There were the daffodils, bright yellow, trumpeted flowers, nodding as the wind blew them about. "Rain," Malcolm thought, walking back to his spot in front of the fire and lying back down.

Angus MacScot was reading the evening paper. "Sounds like the rainís coming down hard," he said. Malcolm looked up at him. "Spring always brings a lot of rain, but its part of our life here, isnít it boy." Malcolm wagged his black furry tail. "Good thing weíre in the house. Think of your friend, Paddy. Heís stuck outside during all kinds of weather, day and night. He must not enjoy this rain."

Malcolm thought about Paddy. He pictured him standing under a newly budded tree, trying not to get wet. Malcolm shivered; lay his head on his front paws and fell asleep.

The next morning, the sun was out. Heavy gray clouds were on the horizon. The air smelled fresh and the grass was covered with drops that glistened in the sunlight. Malcolm ran outside through his special hole in the back door. He ran around and stretched his legs and then went into the front garden. He sniffed the daffodils and watched two butterflies fluttering about, sipping the morning dew from the yellow petals.

A thought of Paddy came to his mind. He trotted up the dirt lane towards the Irish setterís place. As he approached he could see Paddy running around, barking happily. Malcolm was curious. He ran up to the whitewashed wooden gate and peeked through the slats. Paddy was getting a new doghouse. It was large, as Paddy was a big dog. The doghouse was made of hard plastic. Paddy was excited. He ran around, jumping up on his master, anxious to have it put together.

Malcolm pushed the gate open and went into the front garden. The grass was covered with lemon yellow buttercups. Paddy ran towards him barking, very excited. They went over to the doghouse. It had a red roof and tan sides and front. It had the word PADDY painted on it. Paddy was very proud. He climbed inside to show Malcolm how well he fit inside. Malcolm tried to squeeze in with him but there wasnít enough room. Paddy came out and let him go in. It seemed big and roomy to Malcolm.

Paddy had so much energy. He brought a blue rubber ball and dropped it in front of Malcolm. Malcolm picked it up and ran into the bushes with it. Paddy chased him. For a long time they played hide and seek with the ball, but then it started to rain. The sky seemed to open up. Malcolm and Paddy ran to the doghouse. Paddy ran inside. Malcolm couldnít fit inside. He was drenched. He barked and ran home, went in through his little door and shook himself off. He sat down in front of the warm fire, listening to the heavy rain. Malcolm was glad he was in his house, safe and warm. He thought of Paddy, but didnít worry about him anymore. He had a doghouse now!

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