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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Stories for Younger Children
The Biggest Fish

The Biggest Fish

Donald, Edward, and Carla were big, brown bears. They sat in the soft green grass near the pond. "I am going to catch the biggest fish today," Edward boasted. "Iím the best fisherman in the forest."

"Iím going to catch the biggest fish! You might be a great fisherman, but Iím better," Donald bragged. He slipped a slimy worm on the hook and tossed the line into the water. "Just wait and see. Mine will be the biggest."

"Oh no it wonít! Iíll show you," Edward growled. He put a fat, juicy worm on his hook and let it dangle in the water. "Mine will be the biggest fish."

"Youíre both wrong," Carla smiled. "You two can sit here all day if you want. I know how to catch a fish. Iím going to the other side of the pond. Iím going to swim around and catch a fish that way. We all know that the biggest fish stay at the bottom of the pond."

Donald and Edward laughed at Carla. "Sheíll never catch a fish that way. Every bear knows you have to use a worm on a hook," Donald said.

Carla jumped into the pond. A wave of water splashed high in the air. She swam down to the bottom and looked for fish. The other two bears sat patiently, waiting for a fish to eat the worm and get caught on the hook. "Iíve caught one!" Edward shouted. His fishing pole was bent over and he had to struggle to pull the fish out. "Wow! Look how big this fish is!" He took it off the hook and held it up. "Itís the biggest fish Iíve ever caught." He was so proud of himself. The fish wiggled about and tried to get out of Edwardís paws, but he held on tight and then put it on the grass, away from the water.

A few minutes later, Donald started to jump around. "Iíve caught one too!" His pole was bent as he pulled and tugged the fish to shore. "Wow! Itís a big fish. I think itís even bigger than yours," he said, taking it off the hook. Donald laid the fish on the grass next to Edwards. "Mine is much bigger than yours," he chuckled, feeling very proud.

The two bears sat next to their fish, watching them wiggle about on the grass. "Look what I caught," Carla said, dropping a huge fish on the grass next to the others. She shook herself and water flew out of her fur, landing all over Edward and Donald.

Edward wiped his face. He put Carlaís fish next to his. "Yours is the biggest fish. My fish was a big fish. Donaldís fish was bigger than mine, but yours is the biggest of all!"

That night the bears roasted their fish over an open fire. "It doesnít matter who caught the biggest fish. They all taste delicious," Carla smiled. The others giggled and gobbled down their supper.

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