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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Stories for Younger Children
I Can Fly

I Can Fly

Jimmy sat on a leaf. It was dark green and bigger than he was. The leaf hung from a tree near a bird nest. Jimmy said, “I want to fly! I wish I was a bird!”

Tweety, the bird, sat in her nest. “Why do you want to fly? You are a child. You sit, you run, you walk, you jump, but you do not fly. Birds fly!”

Jimmy said, “You can flap your wings and fly into the sky and see the tree tops. I want to do that too.”

Tweety sat in her nest. “I am sitting on my eggs and do not get to fly. Will you sit on my eggs for a bit so that I can fly? I want to flap my wings.”

Jimmy said, “I am a boy. How can I sit on bird eggs? I will try so you can fly.” Tweety flew out of her nest onto the branch. Jimmy sat in the nest on top of the bird eggs. “This feels funny. Your eggs are lumpy. I hope they don’t crack!”

Tweety flew into the air. “Sit on them, Jimmy. Do not get up. Do not go away. Stay with my eggs until I come back.” She flew away. Jimmy saw her fly into the sky. He saw her wings flap up and down. He saw her eat a worm and a bug.

When Tweety came back, Jimmy got off her eggs. “Thank you, Jimmy. You sat on my eggs and kept them warm. I had a good time flying and I ate a worm and a bug. I am happy. Now, if you want to fly, I can show you how.”

Jimmy smiled. “How? How can a boy fly?”

“See that leaf? Pick it. Sit on it. Hold it and do not let it go. Now, jump!” Tweety said.

Jimmy sat on the leaf and held it. He jumped from the tree. He flew like a bird. “I can flap my arms up and down like your wings. I can fly! I can fly!” The leaf slowly fell to the grass. Jimmy was happy.

“If you want to fly, come and sit on my eggs and I will show you how.” She waved and took care of her eggs. Jimmy was happy. He put the leaf in a bush until the next time.

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