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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Stories for Younger Children
Ingot, the gold fish

Ingot, the gold fish

Ingot, the gold fish, lived under the sea. He swam in and out of the coral, blowing bubbles. Ingot was a happy gold fish. All day long he swam in the sea. He saw crabs, mussels, starfish, and other fish. Ingot swam up into the kelp. It was brown and green and lay on top of the water. Tiny fish swam in the kelp too. Ingot ate the tiny fish.

One day Ingot swam into a cave. It was a dark cave and it scared Ingot.  He saw shapes and shadows, dark scary shapes. “I don’t like it in this cave. It’s way too dark. I don’t want to stay in here. I will go now.”

Just then Ingot saw a big, dark shape. It came toward him. “Ingot, you are a pretty gold fish. Do you taste good? I want to eat you.”

Ingot saw the shark. It had sharp teeth, big fins and tail. “Yikes!” Ingot did not want a shark to eat him. He swam out of the cave and into the coral. “I wonder if the shark saw me.”

The shark had seen where Ingot went and swam toward him. “I see you, Ingot. You can’t hide from me! I’m coming to eat you.”

“Yikes,” said Ingot. He swam into the kelp and hid. “I wonder if the shark saw me swim up here,” Ingot said. He was scared. He blew bubbles and hid.

“I see you, Ingot. I see you in the kelp. You can’t hide from me, Ingot. I want to eat you,” the shark said.

“Yikes!” said Ingot. “Where can I go? Where can I hide?” He swam past the crab. “Do you know where I can hide? The shark wants to eat me,” he said to the crab.

The crab looked up and saw the shark. “Go away, Ingot. I don’t know where you can hide.” The crab dug a hole in the sand and hid. He didn’t want the shark to eat him.

Ingot swam over to the starfish. “Help me, starfish. The shark wants to eat me. Where can I hide?”

The starfish saw the shark. “Go away, Ingot. I don’t know where you can hide. I don’t want the shark to eat me.” The starfish went under the rock and hid from the shark.

“I see you, gold fish. I want to eat you,” the shark said.

Ingot saw an octopus. It had eight long legs. He swam over to it. “Octopus, can I hide in your legs? The shark wants to eat me. Help me!”

The octopus said, “Hide in my legs, gold fish. I’ll keep you safe from the shark.”

Ingot swam between the octopus’s legs and hid. He saw the shark. It swam toward the octopus. “I want to eat the gold fish. Did you see where he went?” the shark asked.

The octopus said, “I haven’t seen a gold fish. Most of the gold fish swam into the warm water. Why don’t you swim after them and see?”

The shark swam in a circle looking for Ingot. “I don’t see him. He must have swam into the warm water. I’ll go and find him. I want to eat him,” the shark said and swam away.

Ingot swam out of the octopus’s eight legs. “Thank you, octopus. The shark is gone now. I’m safe. If you need me, let me know,” Ingot said and swam away. He was happy. The shark was gone. He swam in the coral and blew bubbles. He swam up to the kelp and ate the tiny fish. The shark was gone. Hooray!

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