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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Stories for Younger Children
Lion’s Do Not Eat Worms!

Lion’s Do Not Eat Worms!

Larry, the lion, lived in a cave. In the winter it was cold and dark and damp. In the summer, when it was warm, the cave was still dark, but it was not cold and it was not damp. Larry lay asleep in his cave in the winter. He didn’t like the snow or the cold wind. In the summer, Larry came out of his cave and felt the warm sun on his fur. “I like summer. I like it when it is warm and I can see the sun. I like the green grass too.”

Larry lay in the grass out in the sun. One day he saw a bee fly past. “Bee, where are you going?”

The bee buzzed and landed on Larry’s nose. “I am going to find a poppy. I want to eat some pollen and nectar.”

“Can I come with you?” Larry asked. “I’d like to find a poppy too. Do you think I can eat nectar and pollen?”

“Lions do not eat nectar! Lions do not eat pollen! Lions eat other things,” the bee said. “So long, Larry,” and the bee flew away.

Larry let out a yawn. Just then a bird flew past. “Hi bird,” Larry said. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to find a worm to eat. I love to eat worms,” the bird said.

“Can I come with you and eat a worm too?”

“Lions do not eat worms. Lions eat other things,” the bird said. “I’m off. So long, Larry.” And it flew away.

Larry let out a yawn. “I can’t eat worms and I can’t eat pollen and nectar.” When a bug ran past, Larry said, “Hello, bug. Where are you going?”

The bug stopped and said, “I am going to find a leaf and eat it. I want a green leaf. It is summer.”

“Can I come with you and eat a leaf too?” Larry asked.

“No, do not be so silly. Lions do not eat leaves. Lions eat other things. I must go,” the bug said and ran into a bush.

Larry let out a yawn. “I can’t eat worms, I can’t eat pollen, and I can’t eat nectar or a leaf. What can I eat?”

Just then a tiger ran by. “Stop, tiger. Where are you going?” Larry asked.

The tiger stopped. “I am going to eat. I saw a zebra and I am going to eat it.”

Larry said, “What? You cannot eat a zebra!”

“Oh yes I can,” said the tiger and it ran off.

Larry let out a yawn. “I am not going to eat a zebra. If I can’t eat worms and I can’t eat pollen, nectar or a leaf, then I will eat a fish.” He went down to the pond and saw a fish jump out of the water. He put his paw in the water and pulled out a fish. “I will eat a fish. It is summer and I will eat a lot of fish.”  From then on Larry ate nothing but fish. He didn’t eat worms. He didn’t eat pollen or nectar or zebras. He lay in the sun out in the grass and was warm and ate fish.

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