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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Stories for Younger Children
The Rain Song

A blue bird sang as she sat in a tree. The sky was blue too, but there were gray clouds. “When the clouds are gray, that means it will rain.” The blue bird didn’t want it to rain. She liked it when it was sunny and warm. She sang a tune. “I hope it does not rain. I hope the sun stays out. I like the sky when it is blue. It makes me want to shout!”

A cow stood under the tree. “Say, blue bird. Why are you singing that song? I want it to rain. I like the rain. What if I sing a song too?” the cow said.

“You can sing a song if you want to. Go ahead and sing,” the blue bird said.

The cow went moo and it sang a song. “I hope that it does rain. I like the clouds so gray. I hope the raindrops fall on me. That’s all I have to say. Moo!”

A chicken sat in its nest near the tree. “Both of you stop singing. I cannot lay my eggs if you sing all the time,” the chicken clucked.

“But the cow wants it to rain,” the blue bird said.

“And the blue bird wants it to be sunny,” the cow said.

“It cannot do both. It can be sunny for a short time and then it can rain for a short time. Will you be happy then?” the chicken clucked.

“I’ll be happy if it is sunny for a short time,” the blue bird said.

“I’ll be happy if it rains for a short time,” the cow said.

Just then the sky went dark. They saw big black clouds and raindrops fell from them. “It is raining! I am happy.” The cow ran into the corn and went moo! “I love the rain. I love the dark clouds. I am happy when it rains.” The rain fell all day. The corn got wet. The blue bird got wet. The chicken in the nest and her eggs got wet. The dirt was no longer dirt; it was mud. The cow ran in the mud. “I love the rain. I love the rain.”

Later that day the sun came out and the rain went away. The big black clouds went away. The raindrops went away and a rainbow came out. “Look at the rainbow. It always comes after the rain. It is pretty!” said the chicken.

The cow and the blue bird saw the rainbow. The sun felt warm and the blue bird is happy. She sang a song. “I am glad that it rained, so we can see a rainbow. I am glad that it stopped, so we can see the sun.”

The cow sang a song. “I am glad that it rained, so I can run in the mud. I am glad that it stopped, so you can see the sun.”

The cow and the bluebird and the chicken were happy now. The chicken’s eggs lay in the nest and sang a song. “We are glad that it rained. We are glad that it stopped now. I wish you’d go away, little bluebird and big cow.”

The chicken giggled. The cow giggled and went into the corn. The blue bird giggled and flew up into the tree. They were all happy now.

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