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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Stories for Younger Children
Stay Close To Mother

Stay Close To Mother

QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! Mother Duck and her two babies floated across the pond. "Honey, you need to stay closer to me. Why are you so far away?" she asked the duckling.

Honey quacked, "I like to swim over here. I like being by myself."

"Oh dear," Mother Duck sighed. "Look at Blossom. Sheís staying near me. Sheíll be much safer. I can help her if something goes wrong, but I wonít be able to help you unless you move closer to me."

"Iíll be all right. Iím not that far from you," Honey said.

Mother Duck swam all over the pond, always keeping an eye on Honey. Blossom stayed near her mother. Two butterflies fluttered by. Mother Duck looked at them. She knew Honey was safe. Butterflies canít harm ducks. A big bumblebee flew by. Mother Duck watched as it buzzed around Honeyís feathered head. She didnít worry. She knew the bumblebee wouldnít harm her duckling. A big fish jumped out of the water and splashed all over the ducks. Blossom started to cough. Honey gasped for breath and choked. The fish jumped again. Honey started to sink under the water. Mother Duck swam over and grabbed her by the tail feathers. The fish swam away to the other side of the pond. "That was a big fish! I nearly drowned. I think I should swim near you," Honey said to her mother. "If the fish comes back, Iíll be much safer if Iím close to you."

Mother Duck quacked happily as she swam around the pond with Honey and Blossom nearby.

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