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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Stories for Younger Children


"Daddy, when will Hannah and I be big like you?" the little chick asked.

"It takes a long time for a chick to turn into a rooster. While you, Ricky, will become a rooster one day, your sister Hannah will become a hen. Both of you will be bigger," his daddy explained.

"I want to be big like you, Daddy. I want to eat worms and wake all the other farm animals up with my early morning crowing, just like you do," Ricky said. "What do hens do?"

"Hens lay eggs and eat seed. Look at the egg you just hatched from," Daddy said. Ricky turned and pecked at the white shell.

"Itís hard and white," Ricky said.

"Some eggs are brown," Hannah added. "They can be a lot of different shades, canít they, Daddy?"

"Thatís correct. Youíre both so small right now. Follow me into the farmyard and Iíll show you some things," Daddy said. The little chicks followed him. "See, over there, there is a big barn and silo."

"Whatís a barn and silo for?" Ricky asked.

"They keep the tractor in there and hay for the cows. Grain is stored in the silo. Youíll like grain almost as much as worms," Daddy clucked.

"The barn is huge. Look how tall the silo is. There must be a lot of grain in there," Hannah cheeped.

"There is. Letís go over to the pasture. Iíll show you the cows," Daddy said. They stood at the fence watching the cows eat grass.

"The cows are big animals," Ricky said.

"So are the pigs and sheep," Hannah said.

"Most of the animals on the farm are bigger than you. Most of them are bigger than me too," Daddy said.

"But not as important as you," Ricky smiled. "Without you, who would wake them all up?"

"Weíre all important animals, whether we are big or small," Daddy assured them. Their mother came and took Hannah to meet the other hens. "Iíll take Ricky with me," Daddy said. "Iím going to give you your first lesson in crowing." He flew onto the fence post and let out the loudest cock-a-doodle-do that Ricky had ever heard.

"Let me try, Daddy," Ricky said. He took a deep breath and blew. Out came a tiny cock-a-doodle-do.

"Keep trying, son. One day youíll be big and can join me on the fence post. Keep eating your worms and youíll grow up to be a strong rooster." He took his son and together then went off to find some fat juicy worms.

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