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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Stories for Younger Children
A Smile Is Worth a Thousand Words

A Smile Is Worth a Thousand WordsBig Bob Bumblebear was the happiest bumblebear in the land. He spent his day flying among the flowers, gathering pollen and buzzing away merrily. He had a smile on his face all day long and never frowned. Whenever Big Bob saw another bumblebear feeling said, heíd tickle them with flower petals, or tell them a joke, trying to cheer them up. He didnít like any bumblebear to feel unhappy.

One day, as Big Bob was buzzing through the pansies, he was humming and having a wonderful time. He saw some of the other bumblebears sitting together on the grass. He flew over to them. They didnít see him at first. He heard his name. "That Big Bob! All he does is smile. I am tired of him smiling all the time. He is a pain in the neck!" Big Bob couldnít believe his ears. They were saying mean things about him. All he tried to do was make the other bumblebears happy and this is what they did; talk bad about him? Big Bob stopped smiling. He hung his head down and flew over to a patch of spring green grass and sat down. His antenna fell in front of his face. His wings sagged. He felt unhappy and very very sad.

A Smile Is Worth a Thousand WordsAll the other bumblebears stayed busy most of the day. "Say, whereís Big Bob?" Sally asked.

"Iíve not seen him all day," Davy answered. "Has anyone seen Big Bob?" Davy went from flower to flower, asking every bumblebear he saw if theyíd seen him.

"Iíve not seen him."

"I donít know where he is."

"At least we donít have to listen to him tell us to smile and be happy."

"It just so happens that I like Big Bobís smiles," Davy said to the others. "I enjoy him tickling me with flower petals and trying to make me happy. I canít imagine our hive without Big Bob in it."

The other bumblebears started feeling sad. They knew theyíd said some mean things about him. "Letís go and find him. Heís got to be around here somewhere." The bees flew off to search for their friend.

Sally found him sitting in the grass, feeling sad. She flew back and got the others. "He doesnít look very happy. Heís frowning," she told them. They followed her back to Big Bob. "See! Heís not his happy self."

"Whatís the matter, Big Bob?" Davy asked. "Why arenít you smiling?"

"Iím never going to smile again. I heard some of you talking about me. You called me a pain in the neck and said you didnít like to see me smile," he pouted.

"Big Bob, weíre sorry. We didnít mean it. We like to see you smile. We like you to tickle us with flower petals and we especially love your humming."

"Do you mean that?" Big Bob said, turning around with a smile on his face.

"Yes! We all like to see you smile. You make us all happy when you smile," Davy said.

"Iíll smile then," Big Bob said. He was happy. He didnít like to frown and pout. He liked to smile and buzz and hum and tickle the other bumblebears.

From then on the others never complained about Big Bob again, and Big Bob never stopped smiling!

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