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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace - how sweet the sound
       That saved a wretch like me.
       I once was lost, but now am found,
       Was blind, but now, I see.

       Twas Grace that taught my heart to heal,     
       and Grace my tears relieved.
       How precious did that Grace appear
       The hour  I first believed

       Through many dangers, toils and snares
       I have already come,
       Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far, and
       Grace will lead me home.
       Lord has promised good to me,
       His word my hope secures.
       He will, my shield and protector be
       As long as life endures.

       Amazing Grace - how sweet the sound
       That saved a wretch like me
       I was was lost, but now, I'm found
       Was blind, but now I see.

In case you're interested, here's the reason for the song...

A woman was returning home from the funeral of her murdered husband.   She was carrying an infant, (whom her husband never had the opportunity to see.)  The baby was dying from toxins that had been injected into him shortly after his birth. Another child was in the hospital, dying from polio and pneumonia.   As she walked home, the woman encountered the body of her cousin, who had just been murdered.   Her husband's dog had run ahead.   The dog was caught and shot in the head as the woman helplessly watched.   The woman, in modern terms, "lost it."   She started running after the shooters, screaming at them.    As she was running, a turtle dove landed on her shoulder.  That was startling, and calming.   She slowed.    The bird remained on her shoulder.   When she approached her house, the woman saw the head of the family cow sitting in the middle of the front steps.   The cow's hide was flopped over the porch railing.   The men who volunteered to guard the house and barn during the funeral had been murdered.    Throughout the screaming and the grief, the bird remained with the woman.    The woman thought that was amazing.   The bird had grace, fluttered a little, but always remained calm.   Her tranquillity calmed the woman.  The bird is Amazing Grace.

The reference to Jesus was added later, at the request of some of her friends. And  that is the origins of Amazing  Grace..

Connie Helman

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