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Music - Mist Covered Mountains

There shall I visit the place of my birth.
They'll give me a welcome the warmest on earth.
So loving and kind, full of music and mirth,
The sweet sounding language of home.

O, roe, soon shall I see them,
O, hee-roe, see them, oh see them.
O, roe, soon shall I see them,
The mist covered mountains of home!

2. There shall I gaze on the mountains again.
On the fields, and the hills, and the birds in the glen.
With people of courage beyond human ken!
In the haunts of the deer I will roam.

3. Hail to the mountains with summits of blue!
To the glens with their meadows of sunshine and dew.
To the women and the men ever constant and true,
Ever ready to welcome one home!

O Chi, chi mi na mor-bheannaibh;
O Chi, chi mi na cor-bheannaibh;
O Chi, chi mi na coireachan ---
Chi mi na sgoraibh fo che.

1. Chi mi gun dil an t-it' 's d' rugadh mi,
Cuirear orm filt' 's a' chainnt a thuigeas mi;
Gheibh mi ann aoidh a's grdh 'n uair ruigeam
Nach reicinn air tunnachan ir.

2. Chi mi a' ghrian an liath nam flaitheanas,
Chi mi 's an iar a ciar 'n uair luidheas i;
Cha 'n ionnan 's mar tha i ghnth 's a' bhaile so
'N deatach a' falach a glir.

3. Gheibh mi ann cel bho ein na Duthaige,
Ged a tha 'n t-m thar m na cuthaige,
Tha smeraichean ann is annsa guth leam
Na pob, no fiodhal mar chel.

4. Gheibh mi le lontan iasgach sgadain ann,
Gheibh mi le iarraidh bric a's bradain ann;
Na'm faighinn mo mhiann 's ann ann a stadainn,
'S ann ann is fhaid' bhithinn be.

5. Chi mi ann coilltean, chi mi ann doireachan,
Chi mi ann mghan bn' is torraiche,
Chi mi na fidh air lr nan coireachan,
Falaicht' an trusgan do che.

6. Beanntaichean rd' is illidh leachdainnean,
Sluagh ann an cmhnuidh 's cire cleachdainnean,
'S aotram mo cheum a' leum g'am faicinn,
A's fanaidh mi tachdan le dein.

7. Fgaidh mi praid, srd, a's glagaraich,
Dh'fhaicinn na tr an cluinnt' a' chagaraich,
Fgaidh mi cirtean dinte, salach,
A dh'amharc air gleannaibh nam b.

8. Filt' air na gorm-mheallaibh, tholmach, thulachanach,
Filt' air na crr-bheanna mra, mullanach,
Filt' air na coilltean, filt' air na h-uile,
O! 's sona bhi 'fuireach 'n an cir.

a fairly literal translation by J. Mark Sugars 1998

1. I shall see without delay the place where I was born,
I shall receive a welcome in the language that I understand;
I shall get there a smile and love when I arrive
That I would not trade for tons of gold.

2. I shall see the sun grow pale in the sky
I shall see the dusk in the west when it sets;
It won't be like it always is in this town,
The smoke hiding its glory.

3. There I shall get music from the birds of my Homeland,
Although the time is after the time of the cuckoo,
Mavises are there and their sound is dearer to me
Than pipe or fiddle for music.

4. I shall get herring with fishing-nets there,
I shall get trout and salmon by asking there;
If I were to get my desire it's there I would stay,
And it's there I would live the longest.

5. There I shall see woods, there I shall see oak groves,
There I shall see fair and fertile fields,
I shall see the deer on the floor of the corries,
Veiled by a shroud of mist.

6. Lofty mountains and resplendent slopes,
The folk there are always of virtuous habits,
Light is my step as I leap up to meet them,
And I shall stay there a while with pleasure.

7. I shall leave behind dispute, haste and noise,
To see the land in which whispering is heard,
I shall leave stingy, filthy courts
To view the glens of cattle.

8. Hello to the green hills, hilly, hillocky,
Hello to the steep hills, large, knolly,
Hello to the woods, hello to everything,
Oh! I shall be happy dwelling in the corrie.



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