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Rase Kennelt Glesses

(Rose Coloured Glasses)

Music by Tommie Malie and Jimmy Steiger - 1926
Words here by DDJ on 1st October, 2005

Caa'd fareweil oot tae auld Scotia sae dour,
Cam hame tae Paphos aince mair,
Faar sin burns baul fer jist oor efter oor.
Hark tae me, an' hear clair,
Loon fa's baith wae an' seely there.

Ow'r heid o' ......

Leukin' aft syne aiblins, ben rasey kennelt glesses,
Makin' a' things braw an' bricht.
Leukin' a' aroon, as het widder it shair blesses,
Maist this wardle's fowks i' sicht.
Syne thit's hoo, I'm the noo, jelly, nae blue.
Flooers growe, an' they glowe, i' ilk gairden an' ilk howe.
Loats o' taverns weil, proveesion'd wi' guid mait,
Eneugh naftie fer a' nicht.
Bit am I missin' aacht aye leukin, ben rasey kennelt glesses,
An' loats o' things nae ralely richt?

Takin' aff thon glesses, an' leukin nae as a-fore.
Seein' faar things are nae richt.
Hodden here an' there, files widder waarms as o' yore,
Puir fowks waachle oot o' sicht.
Syne thit's hoo, I'm the noo, sae affen blue.
Concrete spiles, a' the files, an' loats broon dist blaws fer miles.
Loats kitchies nae eneugh, proveesion'd wi' guid mait,
Wintin' naftie fer the nicht.
Fit I'm noo seein', afore missin', fan blin frae rasey glesses,
Are loats o' things shair faur frae richt!

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