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The Grunsman's Trachles

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 7th of April, 2008
to Angus Fitchet's playing of part of, 'The Dancing Dustman'.
(A tune probably written for his father who was a 'Scavenger' by occupation.)

Stottin alang, ma tractor's gings bang, an blaws oot bleck reek an aa;
Gin its coorse-blickers dinnae stap, richt-aff o' her Ah'll faa.
Och !
Fit's tae be deen, Ah speer tae masel, fyle tichtenin up ma grip,
Her reekin an aa her stottin's gien ma hin-en sich sair-jip.

Syne !
Stappin the bitch, Ah ging fur ma tools, an engeen ile frae ma hut;
An ile chynge'll stap maist o the reek bit winna tak tent ma butt.
Losh !
Fit can Ah dae, Ah speer tae masel, sae ma hurdies they winna birse;
The feedle ow'r big, aince mair tae dig, an micht-ainly mak things worse.

Weel !
Ay fit Ah'll dae, it'll be the best way, gin aa anse pruvs tae fail;
Ah wull git-me a safter pilla fur pittin aneth ma tail.
Clivver ye ken, fest lik Ah lern, makin guid eese o' ma heid;
Nae birses nae piles, nae spittin iles, ma tractor rins smeeth indeed!

Ay !
Thon's whit Ah did, Ah wis in guid tid, the gress it seem'd easy cut;
Ma neb it wis clear, the stots nae fear, wi rubber aneth ma butt;
Whit dae ye ken, fest tho' Ah hid lern'd, foryettin tae check ilk tyre,
Ah sherpishly fun, Ah'd rin agrun, unseated tae tak a flier !

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