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Coortin Weemen

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on 18th July, 2008
to Scott Joplin's 1895 song, "Please Say You Will".
John's words are based on the story in the Buchan Bothy Ballad, "Kissing in the Dark".

Short Introduction

Jean Ah lang coorted, wrochtin micht and main,
Tae airn 'neugh siller, mak her ma ain;
llk nicht we trysted, nar by her cot,
Ah'd tak her in ma airums, an we wid kiss a lot.

Ain nicht nae kennin ma Jean wisnae hame,
Ah tappit as eeswal her wee windae pane;
Oot cam Jean's mither, bit it bein dark,
Ah thocht it wis ma quinie syne, an didnae miss ma mark!

She ruggled some, tuggled some, tried tae win awa,
Bit Ah kissed her an heeld her ticht by the gairden wa;
She burst oot a-lauchin sayin, "This is affa wark,
Tae tousle Jean's auld maw, an kiss her in the dark."


Ah wis for rinnin bit she held me fast,
"Ye needna hurry laddie, yir saicret's oot at last;
Bit whit wull Jean be thinkin 'boot this nicht's wark
Fan telt jist hoo ye fair tousled me an kissed me in the dark."

Syne thon auld unman, fan Jean cam back hame,
She telt her the story fit Ah thocht an affa shame;
Nane the less Ah won Jean e'en wi fell-coortin wark
There's fyow wha've been sae fortunate frae kissin in the dark.

Seen the day, Ah reca', Jean's auld maw grew ill,
Her lawyer cam, screevit doon, her wisses in her will;
Aathin thit cam ma way cam tee wi mony'a remark,
Aboot aa ma kissin o' ... quines in the dark!

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