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Flichty Jean

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 11th of April, 2009
to Dave Dallwitz' 1949 music for 'Cinderella Girl'.

Och hoo I kep myndin
Days o youthheid dwinin
Ilka day and ilka nicht
Fur Jean Jack tae haud me ticht
An ne'er ging hine fae ma sicht.

Bit thon lass wis flichty;
Och guid Gweed almichty,
She led me a mirky dince
Till yin licky (!) day,
Fan I hard her say,
"I'm yers tae haud an hae!"

I troo'd thit, lik a twit,
She wid loo alane jist me,
An nae sik oot ithers tee;
Bit t'wis nae tae be.

She hid me, oan a twine,
Fyles loats ithers steed in line
Tae be chairm'd yin at a time
By yon daffin quine.

Aa her pals
They caa'd us gowk-it
Bein ill-eesed
As lowse Jean flit-tit.

Och ay!

We wur fules, wintin Jean,
Howpin aye she'd chynge her teen,
An chyse yin o us aleen;
Bit twis nivver deen.

Cam the time, I noo mynd
Ilka loon losst interaist,
An drapped thon ow'r bladdit pest
Tae new watters test.

Peer Jean Jack, weert awa,
Fyles loats ither quines she saw
Tak her jos, nae yin bit aa,
Frae her beck an caa.

Ten years oan
Maist them wur mair-rit,
Fyles peer Jean
Wis lane an shil-pit.


"Quines tak tent;
Dinna daff;
Dinna fugle loons ye girn;
Ye micht pey dear fur sich sin,
An ne'er gudeman win."

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