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The Icy Skip

[The Icy Slide]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 11th of September, 2009
to the music of J. Lawrence Cook's 'Ragtime Melody';
and based loosely on WD Cocker's poem 'The Slide' [see below]

Wins blaa'd snell an howdery, the grup o freest wis keen,
An the auld man wis carnapti-ous, tae jeedge him by his een;
Ma lugs maun hiv begeckit me or I wid hiv said thit he swore
Fur oor bairns hid screeved a gey icy skip thit ran oan-doon by oor frint door.

The auld man hid left his ingle waarm to tak a wee bit dauner oot wast,
Fur tae see hoo aa his hens an deuks micht be surveevin in the cauld blast;
He took yae step an seen skytit aff, syne let oot an affa-lik roar
Whaur oor bairns they'd ..... screeved a skip richt aside thur ain an his frint door.

Awa he slid sae daftie-like whiles he lost his stauff an hat,
Syne he tummlet ower his wilkies lik some gytie acrobat;
The bairns begued sherp-lik skirls an skraichs fur they thocht it sich a splore—
Bit hoo daur they mak a fell icy skip richt fornenst o' his frint door?

The auld man stapped aa thur cantrippin, fur he thowed thur slide wi saut:
Gin the bairnies gat sair paiks thit nicht syne it widna be his faut.
Bit callans wull be callans, an I’ve telt him thon afore-—
Fur lang syne he bigg'd a skip himsel fornenst his pa's frint door!


by WD Cocker in 1949

The win’ is snell an' nirlin’, the frost is fell an’ keen,
The auld man’s gey carnaptions, ye’ll see it in his een;
My lugs he shairly failed me or I would say he swore—
The bairns hae made a slippy slide fornenst oor door.

The auld man left the ingle to tak’ a dauner wast,
To see hoo hens an’ sic like were farin’ in the blast;
He took yae step an' skytit, then set up sic a roar-
The bairns had made a slippy slide fornenst oor door.

Awa’ he slid sae daft-like, he lost his stauff an’ hat,
Then tummlet ower his wilkies like some auld acrobat;
The bairns begued the skirlin’, they thocht it sic a splore—
Hoo daur they mak’ a slippy slide fornenst oor door?

The auld man stopped their cantrips, he thowed the slide wi’ saut:
Gin bairnies get nae paiks the nicht it winna be his faut.
But callans will be callans, I’ve telt him that afore—
Lang syne he made a slide himsel’ fornenst oor door,

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