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Fit Wye I Sing

Lyrics composed in the doric by John Henderson on the 29th of September, 2009,
to Fred Fisher's music for the 1928 song, 'Happy Days and Lonely Nights'.

(Glossary follows the song for those who are baffled by the language)

Ow'r the hich hulls I noo gang
Hummin' whiles a braw Scots sang,
O' guid days o' auld lang syne.

Schule days lernin' thit darg din
Shud fesh wycedom tae the myn,
An' respeck fae ithers maist o' the time.

I wis ne'er a chiel wi' sherp-harns
Fa aft dreamed o' hivin' pooer,
Bit aye raither ain fa winted
Weel awa fae aa sich 'stoor' !

Sae I becam a fairmer seen,
Aye wi' sheep ma life his been,
Sae hale an' fere maist o' the time.

Doon a douce glen ligs ma hame,
Tented by ma wirthy dame;
Mony days ma faithfu' pairtner syne.

Cot days kennin' her darg din,
Her een shone jist lik the sin,
Fae hivin' twa braw bairns in her time.

She wis ne'er a quine fa chunner'd oan
Tae buy claes fause pride tae pleese;
Bit aye raither ain content wi'
Thase shew'd her lane wi' ease.

Sae noo ye maun ken fit wye I sing,
Licht in hert as aye oan I ging,
Fair pleesed wi' fit I lerned lang syne !

ow'r = over
hich = high
hulls = hills
gang = go
braw = fine
sang = song
guid = good
auld lang syne = long ago
schule = school
darg = day's work
din = finished
shud = should
fesh = bring
wycedom = wisdom
myn = mind
respeck = respect
ithers = others
fa = who
aft = often
hivin' = having
pooer = power
bit = but
aye = always
raither = rather
ain = one
winted = wanted
weel = well
awa = away
fae = from
aa = all
sich = such
'stoor' = dust ... 'unclear activities'
sae = so
fairmer = farmer
seen = soon
his = has
hale an' fere = healthy
maist = most
doon = down
douce = quiet
ligs = lies
hame = home
tented = cared for
ma = my
wirthy = worthy
dame = lady
mony =many
pairtner = partner
syne - then
cot = cottage
kennin = knowing
een = eyes
jist = just
sin = sun
twa = two
bairns = children
quine = North-East Scotish girl
chunner'd = complained
tae = to
claes = clothes
fause = false
pleese = please
thase = those
shew'd = sewn
her lane = on her own
noo = now
maun = must
fir wye = why
licht = light
hert = heart
oan = on
ging = go
fair = quite
fit = what

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