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Yeel [Christmas]

Lyrics composed in Scots Doric by John Henderson on the 1st of December, 2009,
to Bob Hillard's music for the song, 'Bouquet of Roses'.

'Twull seen be Yeel, an time fur celebratin ....
A bairn's birth tae Mary an her man;
Bit fan Joe lernt the King wis agitatin,
He kenned weel thit they wid hiv tae gang;
Fooe'er, afore they traivell'd, three wyce-chiels in caip an goon
Cam by an bid, "Haud-oan pleese, we've wee praisents fur the loon."
Sae they gied Him gowd an aa fit anse they'd cairrit,
Syne ilk rade...aff tae thur mither-lan.

The lad grow'd up in youth a mite precocious;
Caa'd by freens, "Oor Jesus Son o' Gweed."
His parables makt mony Jews suspicious,
An they nae .... jist wissed Him ull bit deed.
The Romans they were nervish, Pontius Pilate fear'd the wirst,
Sae speir'd Him gif the 'Kingship O' the Jews' wis fit He wiss'd.
Fan gleg Jesus wisna tricked he waash'd his hans o't .....
The crood screed, "Spull thon Messiah's bleed!"


Translation into English [not in verse]

It will soon be Christmas and time for celebrating
A baby's birth to Mary and her husband
But when Joseph learned that the King was agitating
He knew well that they would have to go
However, before they travelled, three wise men in cap and gown
Came to visit and asked, " Wait please, we've presents for the boy."
So they gave him gold and all else they'd carried
Then each rode off to their own homeland.

The lad grew up in youth a little precocious
Called by friends, "Our Jesus Son of God."
His parables made many Jews suspicious
And they didn't just wish Him ill, but dead
The Romans they were nervous, Pontius Pilate feared the worst
So asked Him if the 'Kingship Of the Jews' was what He wished
When clever Jesus wasn't tricked he washed his hands of it
The crowd cried out loudly, "Spill that Messiah's blood!"

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