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A Fair Tarraneese

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 5th of April, 2010,
to Irving Berlin's 1928 music for 'Coquette'.

Beth wis a braw quine
I wiss'd wid be mine;
Bit hoo cud sich come tae be ?
Keepin she liked weel,
Mony oan her reel,
I dooted she'd wint jist me !

Tae loons thit she heuked, her finger she crooked,
An they richt--aff ran tae pleese her;
Syne frae her schule-beuks, she'd gie them coy leuks
Thit aye snecked ilk glaikit cratur.
A fair tarraneese I kent whiles she wid fa,
An think thit she hid nae admeerers ava;
I said as I passed, "Fit's up bonnie lass?
Tak me, I'll aye be yir sweet-hert."

Beth seen I did git, an aye is she yit
A richt faithfu an luvin dearie;
Neist waddit we'd be, fan she did agree
Ne'er fur ithers she'd ivver weary.
Fit cam o' aa this, Losh! Oor mairrage wis bliss,
Wi bairnies richt-aff an aye naithin amiss.
Aft fan we back-chat, aboot thon an that,
Beth says, "Twis ma flirtin wan ye !"

Loose Translation into English

Beth was a fine girl
I wished would be mine;
But how could such come to be?
Keeping she liked well,
A big clientele,
I doubted she'd want just me !

To boys that she hooked, her finger she crooked,
And they straight-way ran to please her;
Then from her schoolbooks, she gave them coy looks
That always trapped each stupid creature.
Quite a boy-teaser I knew, one day she'd fall,
And think that she had no admirers at all;
I said as I passed, "What's wrong bonnie lass?
Take me, always as your sweetheart."

Beth soon I did get, and still is she yet
A right faithfull and loving dearie;
Next wedded we'd be, when she did agree
Ne'er for others she'd ever weary.
What came of all this, Gosh! Our marriage was bliss,
Wi children right off each time nothing amiss.
Oft when we back-chat, about this and that,
Beth says, "Twas my flirting won ye !"

Just a sweet coquette, So they say and yet
I know how true you can be.
Just a butter-fly, So they say but I
know just how much you love me.

The others you've met may call you Coquette
But I'll al -ways call you "sweet-heart".
They think of Coquette as some -thing to pet
But I think of you as "sweet-heart".
They say you're a dev -il with won-derful charms,
But I held an an -gel that night in my arms,
So try and for -get the name of Coquette
And only re -mem -ber "sweet -heart".

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