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Swith'rin And Dith'rin

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 3th of September, 2010
to the song, 'Someday Sweetheart' played here by Jim Bottorrf.

Braw Jean, Jock's freen ... frae ower yonner,
She bidit lane in her wee cot;
Jock oan his ferm ..... athort twa feedles,
Aft wonner'd gif she'd mairry him or not?
Bit bein baach, wis feart tae speer,
Gif she wud come, an aye his gudewife be;
Sich Jean kent weel, an ilka day ... howp'd
He'd spik the wirds she manged tae hear .... "Pleese mairry me?"

I'm gled tae say, Jean stapped aa dith'rin,
By tellin Jock, "We shud git wad!"
He wis surprees'd, bit fair delichted,
Thit wi'oot fyke he'd gat his hert's deseer;
"Losh Jean, said he, hoo did ye ken,
I've wint'd ye, frae I canna shair mynd when?
We'll happy be, an ilka day .... laach
At thase years lost frae aa ma swith'rin an bein baach."

Loose translation into English .... but not in rhyme .....

Good-looking Jean, Jock's friend ... from over yonder
She lived alone .... in her little cottage
Jock on his farm ..... across two fields
Oft wondered if she'd marry him or not
But being shy ... was afraid to ask
If she would come ... and become his wife forever
Jean knew this well .... and every day .... hoped
He'd speak the words she longed to hear ...'Please marry me'

I'm glad to say .... Jean stopped all hesitation
By telling Jock .... 'We should get married'
He was surprised ... but quite delighted
That without fuss he'd got his heart's desire
'Gosh Jean, said he .... how did you know
I've wanted you .... from ... I can't be certain of when
We'll be happy ... and every day .... laugh
At these years lost from all my indecision and being shy."

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