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Bide Ye Bauld!

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 6th of June, 2011
to W.H. Squire's 1914 music for the song, In An Old-Fashioned Town.

Brief Introduction

There wur mony bricht thochts in the depths o' ma heid,
Bit fair affen they bided awa doon an stack
In ma harns faar ma mem'ry heeld mony a wird
'At whiles cudna win oot an mak ony wyce crack.
I cudna alloo sich tae ging oan an oan,
An syne spile ma pleesur concoctin a sang;
Bit fit I cud dae neist tae pit this wrang richt
I shair howp'd tae fin oot afore lang.

Brief Interlude

Sae I gaed tae a physeeshun tae git soond advyce
Aa aboot lowss'nin wirds I wis howpin tae eese
In the sangs thit guid meesic brocht intae ma myn
Whilk whiles wudna meeve be-in ticht stack in harn-creesh.
"Och ma man, spak the doc, this soss ye maun noo thole;
It's a scunner thit comes fan ye're growen auld;
Ay, bit gif ye hing-in an kep rakin yer harns,
It wull nae git waur sae bide ye bauld .... Aye Bide Bauld !"

mony=many : bricht=bright : thochts=thoughts : heid=head
fair=quite : affen=often : bided=stayed : doon=down ; stack=stuck
harns=brain : faar=where : heeld=held : wird=word : 'at=that
whiles=for some time : cudna=couldn't : win oot=escape : mak=make
ony=any : wyce=wise ; crack=speech : alloo=allow : sich=such : ging=go
oan=on : syne=then : spile=spoil : pleesur=pleasure : concoctin=composing
sang=song : neist=next : pit =put : wrang=wrong : richt=right : shair=sure
howp'd=hoped : fin=find : oot=out : afore=before : lang=long : sae=so
gaed=went : physeeshun=doctor : git=get : soond=sound : advyce=advice
aboot=about : lowsis'nin=releasing : eese=use : guid=good : meesic=music
brocht=brought : myb=mind : whilk=which : wudna=wouldn't : meeve=move
ticht=tight : harn-creesh=brain-grease : spak=spoke : soss=mess : maun=must
thole=endure : scunner=nuisance : fan=when : growen=growing : auld=old : gif=if
hing-in=persevere : kep=keep : rakin=racking : waur=worse : bauld=courageous

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