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Feenally Lowsed

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 14th of June, 2011
to the music Flanagan and Allen used for their song, 'Wandering'.

Fan feen'ly lows'd Tam seen wonner'd,
Fit he wud dae oan sinny morns ?
Fit aboot gowf ... yon micht be gran ?
An shair lang wauks wudna dae him nae harm;
He tee hud noshuns o' gaan fishin,
Tho' nae fan sinsheen kep troot douce;
Syne there wis nae dootin, gowf ba's fit he'd be clootin,
An makin 'birdies' aft tae boot !

Fan feen'ly lows'd Tam tee wonner'd,
Fit he micht dae oan reyny morns ?
He cud read beuks .... oan his PC ?
An shair his harns wud be sherper ye'd gree;
He aye hud noshuns o' gaan fishin,
An kent dreich weet days wur jist gran;
Syne wi'oot time waistin, the burn he'd seen be caistin,
An lanin braw troots verra faist !

Fan=when : feen'ly=finally : lows'd=stopped working : wonner'd = wondered
Fit=what : wud=would : sinny=sunny : gowf=golf : noshuns= notions : gaan=going
sinsheen=sunshine : kep=kept : troot=trout : douce=quiet : dootin=doubting
clootin=hitting : tae boot=as well : reyny=rainy : beuks=books : harns=brains
sherper=sharper : gree=agree : kent=knew : dreich=dull : weet=wet : waistin=wasting burn=stream : caistin=casting : lanin=landin : verra=very : faist=fast

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