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John and Meg

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 23rd of June, 2011,
to John Brown's 1940's waltz called, "Old Victoria".

John jist luved Scots' melodies 'at wur bowed by fiddlers fow'r anse mair,
An he'd daff richt mirkily wi ilk lass he danced aroon the flair;
An it didna ralely maitter syne fit dance the fiddlers played,
He wis ivver cantily pairtnerin ilk widda an ilk maid.....
He bein weel-faart tee, admeerers jist grew an grew
Oontill bonnie baach Meg Smart seen garred him tae stap aa 'at !

Her een, wur sae blue, an her smeeth taits wur sae blon,
'At she, wun ow'r the hert, o' the sprichtly chatty John.

"Meg Smart, mony kirkton fowks affen thocht, she maun noo hiv caught,
Baul John McWhirter 'at ithers hiv socht;
Noo they twa dance ilka dance, ne'er pairted ance,
John whiles gies nae ither a skance."

"Yon John, mony kirkton fowks affen thocht, he maun noo hiv caught,
A verra bonnie lass ithers nivver hiv socht
Noo they twa dance ilka dance, ne'er pairted ance,
Meg whiles gies nae ither a skance."

[.... a fyow months efter ....]

John aye luves Scots' melodies 'at are bowed by fiddlers fow'r anse mair,
Bit noo fuspers luvin'ly tae jist ain fan dancin roon the flair !

bowed = what fiddlers do with their bows : fow'r = four : anse = or : mair = more
daff = flirt : mirkily = smilingly : ilk = each : aroon = around : flair = floor : ralely = really
maitter = matter ; syne = then : fir = what : cantily =cheerily : widda = widow
weel-faart = handsome : tee = also : baach = shy : garred = caused : een = eyes : smeeth = smooth
taits = hair : blon = blonde : hert = heart : sprichtly = sprightly : mony = many : kirkton = village fowks = folks : maun = must : baul = bold : socht = sought : twa = two : ilka = every
pairted = parted : ance = once : skance = glance : fuspers = whispers : fan = when

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