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Dyow Oan The Girse

[Dew On The Grass]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 14th of January, 2013,
to the lovely waltz tune, 'Sunset On The St Lawrence'.

Dyow oan the Girse ilk morn, spirklin' wi' aa o' its micht,
Seen shaws maist fowks thit Spring's comin' wi' guid waarmth an' licht;
The Sin wins hicht aince mair an' bids Jack Freest,"Ging, tak flicht;
Nae langer shud ye be a scunner ... git oot ma sicht!"

The Nor Wind Sin gows tae rist, tee flans fae East an' Wast;
Syne ilk birdie sangs a teen, fur they'll seen hiv bairns tae wean.
Blithe pirr-winnies fae the Sooth, dicht ilka Snaadrap's mooth;
Airth's mair jeely noo, wi' less tae gar it grue.

Bit leuk oot Jack's sleekit fan the Sin's awa';
He snecks ilk nicht wauknin' Ice an' Snaa.
Caas, "Pint, aa fite, ilka gairden sheet ...
Syne hap roads, brak pipes .... aa tap ma leet."
AY! leuk oot Jack is sleekit fan the Sin's awa'
He snecks ilk nicht wauknin' Ice an' Snaa
Caas, "Pint, aa fite, ilka gairden sheet ...
Syne hap roads, brak pipes .... aa tap ma leet."

Snaa cree'd he'd hud eneugh, fur saut shair makt dreeftin' teugh;
Ice tee he meen'd, "Nae! Nae! I wint tae caa it a day."
Jack Freest fan lea'd his lane fun oot he cud dae nane,
An' sae 'ski-'d' fest aff tae the Antarctic... his knap aa gaen!

Glossary for less obvious words:
dyow=dew;bids=orders; scunner=nuisance; gows=persuades;
flans=gusts; pirr-winnies=breezes; dicht=wipe; jeely=happy;
gar it grue=make it annoyed; sleekit=devious; snecks=snoops;
wauknin'=awakening; pint=paint; fite=white ; sheet=shoot; hap=cover;

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