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Gale-Lick'd Taps

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 2nd of March, 2013,
to the Scottish Country Strathspey Dance Tune called, 'Auld Reekie'.

Verse 1
I loo stravaigin' Scotland's meers an' lochs an' glens,
Ooner the braes an' a' the snoots o' its braw Bens;
Syne fin a bieldy neuk tae stap
Faar I aet anse tak a nap
Afore neist climin' up tae win ilk gale-lick'd tap.

It aye is gran, up there tae stan
Fu' o' wonner fan I'm scancin' 'roon the lan.....
Ilka wid an' ilka burn, ilka ferm an' ilka park,
Ilka toon fair thrang wi' fowks at play or wark.

Verse 2
I clim Ben Ledi's shooder whilk's an aisy gate,
An' syne tee Ben Vane wi' vizzies ull tae bate
Fyle leukin' East, anse leukin' Nor,
Leukin'-oot Wast, anse aiven Sooth,
Thase aft fesh lood sangs o' reeze frae oot ma mooth.

It aye is gran, up there tae stan
Fu' o' wonner fan I'm scancin' 'roon the lan ....
Ilka meer an' ilka loch,
Ilka ferm an' ilka park,
Ilka toon, fair thrang wi' fowks at play or wark.

loo=love; stravaigin'=wandering; meers=moors; braes=steep hillsides;
snoots=summits; Bens=high mountains; syne=then; fin=find;
bieldy=sheltered; neuk=corner; stap=stop; faar=where; aet=eat; anse=else; tak=take; nap=short sleep; aye=always; scancin'=scanning;
ilka=every; toon=town; fair=quite; thrang=busy; wark=work; clim=climb; shooder=shoulder; whilk=which; aisy=easy; gate=route; vizzies=views; ull=hard; bate=beat; fyle=while; aiven=even; fesh=bring; reeze=praise.

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