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The Kirktoon Saamull

A song about the John and Olive's friends the Robb Family, and their Sawmill in Gargunnock Village, Stirling, Scotland in the 1970s.

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 15th of February, 2013,
to Johnny Maddox's playing of the old tune for the song, 'Calling Me Back To You'.

His lane naarhan his hoose Tam stans an' leuks a' roon his mull,
Whaur lean-tees hap the guid hard wid he's cairted frae the hull.
The scraachin' saas an' wirkers' crack fair goys him a' are thrang,
Weel kennin' gif there's seelence syne he maun fin oot fit's wrang.

His three sins an' his Missus May, an' auld Pa Sandy tee,
They sair the buzness wi' a wull an' sae weel airn thur fee.
Aye Tam taks tent the laidin' up o' pallettes nait an' stoot
Redd tae mak a' the caa'd-fur deleev'ries

The wirk gings oan frae skreek o' day oontil late aifterneen,
Wi twa wee braks atween thase oors fan maet an' bree are teen.
Gif Tam is cairtin' larry-loads heid-bummin' fa's tae May
Tae mak fair shair nae din-raisin pits things agley.

At e'en fan chiels hiv lows'd tae raist ilk weerit been,
An' tak tent ony cut or birse sherp saas or wid hiv geen;
Syne Tam an' a' his femily haud doon the deece a wee,
'Till saas' sangs aince mair shaw it's mornin' .....


His lane=alone; naarhan=nearby; mull=mill; whaur=where; lean-tees=huts;
hap=cover; guid hard wid=good hard wood; cairted=carried; hull=hill;
scraachin'=shrieking; saas=saws; wirkers=workers; crack=chat; fair=quite;
goys=convinces; thrang=busy; sins=sons; sair=serve; airn=earn; fee=wages;
taks tent=takes care of; laidin' up=loading; pallettes=large wooden trays; nait=neat;
stoot=firm; redd=ready; shreek o' day=first light; neid bummin'=being in charge;
din-raisin=trouble-making; agley=off course; lows'd=stopped working; been=bone;
birse=bruise; haud doon the deece=rest.

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