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19th Century Eddicashun

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 6th of June, 2013,
to William H. Long Jnr.'s 1906 music for the song, 'Take Me On The Rollers'.

Glossary for less obvious words:
Educashun=Education; mony=many; fowks=folks; thocht=thought; wuts=wits;
plunk'd=played truant; fairly=sincerely; troo'd=believed; dom'nie=schoolmaster;
speer=ask; gurr'd=growled; ken-hoos=know hows; harns=brains; darg=day's work; ingle=fireside; plank=place; screeve=write; eneugh=enough; preezed=praised; eesed=used; sair=serve; pairis=parrish;

Introductory Music

Mony fowks thocht Dod Reid hud nae wuts in his heid
Fur nivver wud he gang tae schule,
Bit yon Dod kenned he plunk'd it, fur he fairly troo'd thit
Gif he gaed there he'd be a fule.
Fan the dom'nie cam speer fit why he wudna gang,
Dod jist shrugged an' syne gurr'd, "I'm nae daft;
In the feedles I'm lernin' the ken-hoos o' fermin'
Faar ma harns they wull nivver gang saft. ......

Fan ilk darg is ower,
Oor ingle waarm an' bricht
It's ma plank fur lernin'
Wi' Ma's owersicht;
Fur back-fan she'd been a lassie
Her Ma hud lern'd her tee ...
Hoo tae read, an' coont, an' screeve
Eneugh, ye see."

Fan the dom'nie hard this
He thocht "The Laird be preezed!
Gif thur are mair 'Ma Reids'
Ingles cud be eesed.
I maun-fin-oot jist hoo mony
Ferm mithers cud sair tee.
Fan maist aft it's thur peer bairns
I nivver see."

Syne the dom'nie gaed roon
The pairis ferms wi' Ma;
Finin' lernit mithers
Affen oan ilk caa.
Neist this guid man gied oot schule-beuks
Tae a' Mas fa hud 'greed
Eddicashun fur thur bairns
They noo wud heed.

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