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Frank McNie's Poems

The Emperor of the World

I spent the day down by the sea, just the sun, the sand, the water…and me. It was a long day but getting late, I was in a glorious euphoric state. Just before night when the sky was bright at the end of that summer’s day, the horizon was aglow with a bright amber show and the seagulls were at play. I felt like the emperor of the world so I proclaimed that to the sea, a simple sailor such as I how could that ever be?

The sea started boiling like a witch’s brew, there were sharks and whales and dolphins too. Every kind of fish from every ocean appeared before me as if by some magic potion, the bay became a great gurgling cauldron of living fish, it was an amazing sight, every fisherman’s wish. They parted and in the middle there was a gigantic whale, with a beautiful mermaid raised up on his tail. She was obviously the Mermaid Queen for it was the most regal sight you’ve ever seen. She spoke in such melodious tones I felt she was speaking to my soul my very bones.

She said:" You are The Emperor of the World and I the Queen of the Sea, we agreed in ancient times to live in harmony. I’m here to tell you of the fact that you have broken every pact and we can no longer tolerate the death and destruction at this rate. I’d like to remind you, as before we could melt the ice from every shore, thereby flooding all your land and destroying all that you command. But fear and threats that’s not our way, we much prefer to hope and pray… and trust, that golden thread of compassion that runs all mankind, will become foremost in his mind.

We’ll share our bounty for that’s our way, but please leave some for another day, leave enough to regenerate and before taking more please…hesitate.

There’s a great future for this world of ours, but man must learn to share his powers. He must learn to govern in a much more democratic way, by letting all living things have their say, for although they may not be able to verbalize man must learn to listen…with his eyes. In the sea, the air, the ground, the evidence is all around that man has found no solution and continues to commit pollution. It was foretold in ancient times that man would poorly rule the earth, he then would behold the changing signs and there would be a great rebirth, a newborn man with great compassion and a reverence for life in every fashion, with a great love for this wondrous planet and nurturing heart for all that’s on it.

As she slipped back into the sea I stood there as if frozen, her last words to me were… ‘You have been chosen." The bay went calm the night had fallen; the air was heavy with some kind of…pollen. I stood there a while to think, for I realized we had reached the brink …and that Nature would one day have it’s way…

But would Man be there?……………I could not say!



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